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a parasitic louse that infests the body of human beings

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Previously published games include a tower defence spiced with roleplaying elements called Legends of Elendria: The Frozen Maiden and a chaos management game for all ages Cooties - the Revenge of the Appendix
When Ethan attempts to text "girls have cooties," but this statement of fundamental beliefs gets auto-corrected to "girls are cute," his entire third-grade reputation is compromised.
Like middle school dance partners who are afraid of cooties, the two travel around the gym floor together while still keeping a comfortable distance.
She would not allow the fear that HIV might be as easily transmitted as the cooties were in kindergarten to shape her life.
Bringing some wacko up here who's probably spreading cooties on my sheets right now.
There were more lice cooties and flees in there than I ever thot lived.
Or maybe longer, since many hunters (or the people who cook their game) assume all wild animals are full of cooties.
Dating, Finding, & Keeping 'The One': Stuff Other Relationship Guides Won't Tell You" is a relationship guide aimed at teenagers who, due to their recent rise of hormones, are looking at the opposite sex as more than a rabid carrier of the cooties.
For the last three years, the Woodland Hills couple have been dipping into their retirement savings accounts to the tune of about $50,000 a year to provide professional swing, fox trot and tango lessons to more than 3,000 awkward, shy, fourth- and fifth-graders who live by the old adage "boys have cooties and girls bite.
Our diplomats are not going to get Shiite cooties if they are allowed to engage Iranian diplomats in regular conversation.
Since Boyer doesn't have cooties, there could only be one reason for this strange behavior: co-workers believe she's some sort of institutional spy.
Ultra-Orthodox Jews, desperately fearful of biblical cooties, got all Jewier-than-thou when they discovered that a handful of Reform Jews who actually allow their women to do something other than breed and cook also had the chutzpah to be praying nearby," he said.
I'll pray for you" means, basically, that you have cooties and they're offering to ask for cootie removal on your behalf, because obviously there's something wrong with you and your family or you wouldn't have the cooties in the first place.
But at least for boys, new research says cooties might actually be good for you.
It's not the cooties keeping you from sleeping, is it?