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river that rises in northwestern Georgia and flows southwest through eastern Alabama to join the Tallapoosa River near Montgomery and form the Alabama River

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Coosa Valley CU serves more than 24,000 members and operates five branches.
According to ADCNR Fisheries Section Chief Stan Cook, the restoration of flow down the original Coosa River channel is a remarkable event and is the result of years of hard work by the individuals and groups involved in the project.
Because the assets sold were used continuously in its business for 34 years, KC treated the gain from the sale of the Coosa Properties as unitary business income on its 1997 Alabama corporate income tax return.
Jordan collected at 14 different places in the Coosa drainage in 1876, but only at one locality each in the Altamaha and Chattahoochee drainages.
They both attended Central Coosa High although Thomas is older by six years.
Only Bowater's Coosa Pines mill and Abitibi-Consolidated's Augusta mill have any chance to compete with Dublin on transportation costs to the customer.
The Mitchell brothers grew up on a farm in Coosa, Ala.
This unique strategy assisted in starting a watershed community-level conservation effort, the Upper Coosa River Summit.
Alexander High School, Special Education/RVI (1986-Present); New Teachers Institute, Teacher (1999-2000); Lithia Springs Comprehensive High School, Special Education/EBD (1979-1986); Coosa Comprehensive High School, Special Education/Department Head (1977-1979); Hoganville Elementary School, 6th grade Special Education (1976-1977)
unnamed mountain rivulets bounce together to form the small Conasauga River, a brook that gives itself over to the Oostanaula, then the Coosa, and finally the Alabama River, which, after a sidelong meander through downstate Alabama, couples tentatively with the Tombigbee (Choctaw: "coffin-makes"), lingers as the Mobile and Tensaw Rivers, and passes into the Gulf of Mexico.
The final chapter of a shocking murder saga was written in a Coosa County, Ala.
A product of the identity politics mindset that has come to dominate American society over the past two decades, the hate crime news formula uses widely recognizable and understood images - burning crosses and churches, neo-Nazi goose-steppers, and, most recently, the burned corpse of Billy Jack Gaither in Coosa County, Alabama; James Byrd, chained and dragged behind a pickup truck in Jasper, Texas; and Shepard's silhouetted body lashed to a Laramie, Wyoming, buck fence - to suggest that the United States is a seething cauldron of hate directed at members of unpopular groups.
Narcotics Detective Billy Vasser, who claimed to have nearly rescued a baby from the Coosa River following an anonymous tip Tuesday, apparently has a history of getting involved in situations that provide him with opportunities to be a hero, sources told the Associated Press.
At Coosa Valley Electric, management began to look into new construction as far back as 1987.
Since that time sales have been made all over the world, starting with the very first sale to Coosa Baking Co in Rome, Georgia but since then George D Woody Associates of York, Pennsylvania, has sold the unit far and wide.