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the selection of a new member (usually by a vote of the existing membership)


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the act of appointing summarily (with or without the appointee's consent)

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The media's cooption obviously limits its ability to serve as a voice for civil society.
Kawashima's analysis "compels us to move well beyond cut-and-dry oppositions between state power and the marginalized, colonial minority" (133) by making clear both that the Korean workers were divided in their responses to the Soaikai and the militant left-wing of the labor movement, and that the Japanese authorities relied on both cooption and coercion.
His argument about the white cooption of black music is most compelling beginning with the rhythm and blues and rock eras, where recorded evidence is plentiful and film and television broadcasts more closely recorded the divisions of the color line.
Earlier efforts at reconciliation could more properly be called cooption efforts--essentially attempts to entice "moderate" Taliban to switch sides.
The Dalit cooption in the Hindutva agenda and their induction as foot soldiers of the Hindutva in the 2002 Gujarat genocide of Muslims clouded the deaths of dalits at the sametime.
Whatever the answer, the results exemplify an accelerated trajectory, from protest against tangible wrongs--Greetings from Iraq (2007) says, "Enjoy a cheap holiday in other people's misery"--through cooption to commercialization and aestheticization.
The Assembly also noted the expiration of the terms of office of Messrs Michel David-Weill and Yukata Narita, and ratified the cooption of Madame Claudine Bienaime and Mr.
Cooption of some electable politicians by "the establishment" has facilitated the unique brand of Pakistani governance that depended on military intervention, manipulated elections and dismissal of governments to create a mirage of stability.
Jaroszynski's work articulates, in a comprehensive and compelling way, the historical course of science's cooption by a utopian ideology of technological progress.
Compared to the official histories of the empire, Luke's narrative is an alternative version of world history, resisting cooption by political myths of the "divine right" or "manifest destiny" of empires, ancient and modern.
As Jeff Stout has argued, Hauerwas's "excessive pride in the visible church as a virtuous community" (Stout 2004, 156) and his refusal to emphasize his commitment to any substantive definition of church (other than the church as separate from the world) leaves his position open to cooption by white evangelicals who are all too happy to hear that "they should care more about being the church than about doing justice to the underclass" (158).
Cases ranged from cooption of ideas, improper attribution of co-authorship, and sexual or racial discrimination.
Henry concludes with a discussion of Three Guineas, arguing that Woolf's global and pacifist position was influenced in part by her resistance to the cooption of science for nationalistic and militaristic ends.
Remaining immaterial might be the ultimate form of cooption in this regard.
The opposition now fears that with the ANC growing in power through its electoral performance and engaging in the politics of cooption, there might be no room for opposition politics and the kind of balance essential in a functioning democracy.