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the selection of a new member (usually by a vote of the existing membership)


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the act of appointing summarily (with or without the appointee's consent)

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Black Against Empire, then, has brought an old idea--the state cooptation thesis--to the center of Panther studies.
Yet, as they also point out and many of the case studies confirm, such advances are threatened by outright defeat or cooptation or both.
La premiere edition est une forme de confrerie et s'organise par cooptation.
As we know, the cultural history of twentieth-century Mexico--the Mexico of the Institutionalized Revolution par excellence--is marked by a lively interest from the State in the development of a Mexican high culture; by the relatively tight relationship, and high level of overlap, between the national intelligentsia and the state apparatus; and, as Roderic Camp has shown, by persistent patterns of patronage and cooptation.
The ability of the Taliban to time and again get people and explosives onto secure compounds illustrates how pervasive the problem of infiltration and possible cooptation is," she wrote in an ANA blog.
The author explores a range of topics, including the BPP's exploitation of media and popular culture, the BPP's valorization of the "brothers on the block" and associated questions of African American identity and authenticity, efforts to articulate the everyday Black experience within the Black Arts movement as an echo of the BPP's "brothers on the block" ethos and a challenge to the paradigm of the "Talented Tenth," the importance of music to understandings of the Black aesthetic in the Black Arts movement, the Black Arts movement's response to the commodification of African American music, and the cooptation of Black Power in Blaxploitation films
The terms of Board Members Daniel Camus and Jerome Contamine were renewed and the cooptation of Michel de Fabiani as a Board Member was ratified.
When one looks closely at the careers of judges in the above-mentioned countries, the law can vary, but cooptation is the usual rule of the game: a successful judge or prosecutor, in order to climb the professional ladder, must follow the guidance of his peers and increase the influence of his corporation.
While acknowledging the religious persecution, repressive methods, and labor cooptation that defined the Calles administration, Buchenau argues that the Jefe Mdximo merits praise for his efforts to reform education and promote both economic development and social welfare.
In a session on cooperation, cooptation or competition, participants discussed the relationship between citizen journalists, bloggers and mainstream media.
I cannot recall ever meeting an Arab man or women who didn't express solidarity with my people, discontent with Arab rulers for their cooptation by the West and abandonment of Palestine, and anger at American and European governments for their blind support of Israel.
Corporate America's ongoing cooptation of la tortilla.
Si, en toile de fond de son analyse, nous retrouvons les dimensions classiques en histoire regionale mexicaine, soit la longue serie d'affrontements, de negociations, et d'alliances qui marquent l'evolution des relations entre les elites regionales et l'Etat federal, l'auteure met en relief l'importance a accorder a la cooptation des secteurs populaires, l'integration d'une partie de leurs revendications etant un mecanisme essentiel a la perennite des rapports de domination qui ont garanti la reproduction des larges inegalites sociales.
Instead, Burnett describes periodic resistance to Reformed cooptation as attempts to return to Basel's indigenous nonconfessional Protestantism, which favored the mediating evangelical stance of Strasbourg's Martin Bucer.
Sexual Liberation offers careful and amply illustrated treatment of such themes as The Sexual Life and Teaching of Jesus; Jesus: Legitimate or Illegitimate; The Two Wives of Paul the Apostle; Sexual Pleasure in Judaism; Sexual Conduct in the Early Christian Church; Constantine's Imperial Cooptation of Christianity; The Victory of Monasticism in the West; The Reformation as Sexual Revolution; From Martin Luther to Anton Boisen; Sexual Disarray in the Late Twentieth Century; and Sexual Disarray in the Churches.