Cooper's hawk

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bluish-grey North American hawk having a darting flight

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The long-standing, industry-revered contest is a coveted honor and the panel of experts included those highly-regarded in the gourmet food industry including Fresh Direct, Whole Foods Market, the Wall Street Journal and Coopers Hawk Restaurant & Winery to name a few.
Since the beginning of June, the dead raptors include two great horned owls, a Coopers hawk, a red-tailed hawk and a red-shouldered hawk, Savaikie said.
Augustine, a 400-unit apartment project, and Coopers Hawk, a 208-unit apartment project, are located in Jacksonville.
However, this occupancy restriction does not apply to Coopers Hawk or The Savannahs.
During our walk, we witnessed many birds of prey including those listed as declining, such as the sharp-shin hawk and Coopers hawk.