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an analysis of a specific job in an effort to find the most efficient method in terms of time and effort

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Aynah believes that by providing students with greater access to experiential and inclusive cooperative education, it will empower generations of students to work collaboratively to transform their communities and build a more just and sustainable world.
Through the cooperative education program, AK Steel has for many years offered rotating work experience assignments at its Butler (PA) Works to Pitt students majoring in material science, mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering.
Located in Flint, Michigan, Kettering University is the country's most advanced professional cooperative education program.
Designed to foster the integration of cooperative education into agribusiness curriculums, cooperative development and farm business studies across the country, the CHS University Initiative on Cooperative Education will also support graduate-level cooperative education programs, soil, water and environmental studies and technology based learning programs.
But Drexel University students are jumpstarting their careers through cooperative education.
About Pikes Peak Online School Pikes Peak Online School (PPOS) is a tuition-free online public charter school authorized by the Colorado Digital Board of Cooperative Education Services (CD BOCES) and serves students in grades 9 through 12.
He was speaking at a function organised in New Delhi today, titled National Conference on Strengthening of Cooperative Education and Training .
OTHER: Engineering cooperative education position at Security Engineered Machinery.
Cascade Health Solutions of Eugene was named Cooperative Education Employer of the Year for 2013-14 by Lane Community College.
Published under the auspices of the World Council of Cooperative Education (WCCA).
Additionally, Silver has partnered with USAID on cooperative and capital enhancement projects in Peru; offered cooperative education to credit unions in the Dominican Republic; and is active in the expansion of Spain's Mondragon Cooperative to the U.
Parents and students who have started to doubt a degree's value may want to consider colleges that offer cooperative education, which allows students to rotate between classes and jobs.
The company was recognised for offering an increasing number of quality internship and cooperative education opportunities to U-M Dearborn students.
The "Kettering Advantage" program balances highly targeted experiential learning with professional cooperative education, creating a formula in which students alternate between in-classroom learning and full-time co-op employment.
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