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Synonyms for coon

an eccentric or undignified rustic

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(ethnic slur) extremely offensive name for a Black person

North American raccoon

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Coons unexpectedly regained consciousness, apparently as the result of aggressive efforts by the nursing staff to stimulate and feed her.
Even if some of them get more than three coons, you will still be in the runoff, and from what I've seen here tonight, you have a good chance of winning the cup.
It is a pleasure to have John Coons join us as managing principal.
Coons began playing Astrojax, which is essentially three balls on a string.
Coons is running against tea party-backed Republican Christine O'Donnell and enjoys a big lead in recent polls.
Ms Coons says that Americans are much more ignorant of Arab culture than vice-versa.
David has always set high goals for himself, but never did we dream he'd make Eagle this soon,'' said his father, Ron Coons.
The incident occurred when Corona and Coons took the inmate to a medical center for an MRI.
While Robinson's goal in The Confessions of Stepin Fetchit appears to be restoring the humanity of his characters, Michael Henry Brown's treatment of Lincoln Perry is far less sympathetic in his searing 1994 work King of Coons.
Hill and Knowlton's Coons recommends using both types of services for general coverage.
The Tech Council of Maryland, representing the nation's second-largest technology hub, has announced that chief executive officer Julie Coons is resigning her post, effective at the end of November.
Senator Chris Coons of Delaware with a 2014 TechVoice Champion Award.
Chase is survived by his two daughters, Vicki Coons and her husband Robert of Great Barrington, MA, Traci Carter and her husband Harold, of Asheboro, NC; two grandchildren, Kelly Coons, Daniel Coons; two sisters, Suzanne Olsen and her husband Roald, and Diane Chase.
SIMI VALLEY - Simi Valley Public Works Director Ron Coons, who oversaw construction of the city's civic center and Wood Ranch development, was named as the Ventura County Public Works director and will assume his post June 19.
To a swell restaurant the driver took them With his Lulu gal he started in so proud But that coon almost went blind When he saw a great big sign Up o'er the door which read "No coons allowed.