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a cooling system used in industry to cool hot water (by partial evaporation) before reusing it as a coolant

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25 percent of water compared to cooling towers, as well as having a third of the running costs.
In 1976, Holder studied the various configurations of the exchangers in inlet section of the natural convection cooling towers on internal flows of the tower and the sensitivity to side winds [1].
The towers, which rise to 202m, are two metres taller than the current biggest cooling towers of Niederaussem in Germany.
Aberdeen University scientist Pennington, a former Scottish Government adviser, said the public should be reassured by efforts to decontaminate all the cooling towers which could have sparked the outbreak.
We are in discussion with the local authority on plans for the removal of the other cooling towers and are hopeful that we will be able to move ahead with further demolition in the near future.
A total of 11 evaporative cooling towers with 2 different types (named CTA towers and CTB towers, respectively) are used for heat rejections.
Recently there has been a noticeable shift to move to the more environmentally friendly seawater cooling towers system for this, as well as additional reasons advantageous in a cooling tower system.
In real conditions interaction of local and group sources of pollutants of industrial enterprises with each other and with fields of the raised damp of aerial masses which one is created as a result of exploitation of groups ventilatory cooling towers in this or that region takes place.
At the moment, companies with cooling towers are encouraged by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to "self assess" and given general guidance on how to keep cooling towers and other components that are at risk of Legionella bacteria, clean.
She added: "The notice was served as the cooling towers were not being operated in accordance with the approved code of practice on the control of legionella bacteria in water systems issued by the Health and Safety Executive.
The move came 48 hours after cooling towers in Dowlais, Merthyr Tydfil, were closed for checks after two pensioners died from suspected legionnaires' disease.
While conventional cooling towers, often constructed with basins lined with sheet metal cladding, are environmentally challenging and maintenance intensive, hence costly to operate, the alternative of using cooling towers with molded seamless plastic is immediately beneficial to both the environment and bottom line.
The team can offer legionella risk assessments and provide a full service to clean and disinfect the cooling towers.
BIRMINGHAM council chiefs have pledged to conduct more rigorous checks on the city's cooling towers in a bid to slash the risk of a potentially-fatal outbreak of legionnaires' disease.
YET again the poor old cooling towers take the brunt of global warming, as can be seen by photo in the Examiner's Hot Topic, December 3.