freezing mixture

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a mixture of substances (usually salt and ice) to obtain a temperature below the freezing point of water

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The precipitation rate of PVDF in the cooling bath was slowed down, so the porosity and average pore size increased slightly.
During the experimental tests carried out using the above mandrel, the material being deformed maintained continuous contact with the mandrel surface and subsequent free tensile drawing was controlled by cooling of the material in the cooling bath.
A vacuum is created in the cooling bath around the calibrator, and the tubing is pulled out into contact with the calibrator The gaps between the discs, or the holes in the sizing tube, permit the vacuum to act upon the plastic tube.
While the cooling baths are relatively long for this process, it avoids the need for equally lengthy curing equipment required for mechanically foamed thermoset rubber.
This makes it possible to pelletize sticky materials, resins with poor melt strength (by coating them with a stiffer material), or water-soluble materials that would dissolve in the cooling bath.
These profiles pass through a water cooling bath and are cut with a traveling saw to 8-, 10- and 12-ft lengths.
After the thermoplastic is applied, the profile enters a cooling bath.
Normally, as the water in the cooling baths heats up, energy is spent to circulate this water through a heat exchanger in order to cool it back down.
The water for the strand cooling baths passes through a five-micron filter and ultra-violet lights that destroy 100 percent of all microbes, providing a clean product for medical and food use.
The SFT-20 Liquid Carbon Dioxide Pump delivers a high flow rates (200 ml/min) without the need for external cooling baths.
So growers often protect their fruit from blistering heat with cooling baths from overhead sprinkler systems.
In the Italian capital Rome, where temperatures have been stuck above 35C for weeks, tourists were fined for taking cooling baths in the Trevi and Four Rivers fountains.
It is used in addition to conventional external water cooling in vacuum tanks and cooling baths to cool the moving pipe gently from the inside.
Corrodable metal parts on extrusion vacuum and cooling baths have been replaced to advantage with machined plastics versions at Campex.