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This year, St George's represented Holland, entering eight teams and with their Fanta cool drink brand and giraffe mascot, were crowned winners of the trophy.
From playing tag in the garden to picking flowers for mum, sipping a nice cool drink in the shade or showering everyone with the hosepipe, springtime is fun, fun, fun - get out there and enjoy it
Summary: Smooth selection of trendy tunes, cool drink deals and tempting tapas
Sitting sipping a cool drink looking out over the lake with the silver moon reflected in its water.
In the centre of the city, visitors can "simply sit back and enjoy a cool drink and watch the yachts go by".
This summer, Jack's Restaurant & Bar, named after owner Herbert Kerschbaumer's close friend's dog, invites all canines along with their owners to stop by and refresh with a cool drink at its outdoor patio, weather permitting.
A place where a gent could swagger in, kick back with a cool drink or a cup of coffee and shoot the breeze with his pals.
The other day she sent me an article from the New York Times about the new cool drink to be seen with in the city - a glass of rose.
Place floating fabric row covers over the beds to reduce heat and wind damage, then find some shade and a cool drink.
HOW many times have you longed to fix yourself a really cool drink but discovered your freezer free of ice cubes?
From air conditioning in our cars, homes and work places to simpler solutions such as a shade tree and a cool drink, we all struggle to manage the high temperatures that attend the summer months.
There's one thing guaranteed to ruin the pleasure of sitting outdoors with a cool drink in hand, savouring the summer sunshine.
Whenever the temperature creeps up during home games at Civic Stadium, Eugene Emeralds staff member Joel Scruggs notices an increasing number of fans heading to the concession stands for a cool drink.
The workshop, the fourth in a series on a variety of environmental health topics, focused on identifying issues critical for protecting the water supply at all stages, from the water in our aquifers to the cool drink coming from the kitchen tap.