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any of numerous vegetable oils used in cooking

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However, Cooking Fat must have had a problem on his next start at Doncaster as he showed very little when beaten 30 lengths into fifth by Markov and has not been seen since.
British households pour 18 million litres of cooking fats down their drains every year reveals that British households pour seven Olympic swimming pools worth of fat and cooking oils down their sinks each year; A third of households have blocked their drains or caused a flood as a result of pouring food fats down the sink; The majority (56%) of British households admit to pouring food fats down their sinks; commissioned micro-sculptor, Hedley Wiggan, to craft six iconic British landmarks out of household fats to visualise the problem.
Ladle enough of the cooking fat over the pieces to cover them
All your wet wipes, your cooking fat, it blocks down here, and needs to be cleared.
It simply isn't good enough that it should have to be taken on trust that there aren't mice droppings on the floor, cockroaches crawling up the walls; raw meat rubbing shoulders with cooked in the fridge, or rancid cooking fat in the frying pan.
THE Welsh former boss of L'Oreal has asked a French court to shut down a chip stand near his swanky ski resort flat - because he doesn't like the smell of cooking fat.
Fast food might be way too salty, but it's far better for food manufacturers and restaurants to reduce salt and unhealthy cooking fat on their own, without government holding a meat cleaver over them.
Unlike today's chip shops, the place didn't reek of cooking fat and we were stuffed and guilt-ridden after our meal.
In an online survey on the Gloucestershire County Council website, over a quarter of people admitted that they disposed of their cooking fat in this damaging way.
A TYPICAL week's ration allowance was three pints of milk, one egg, 3-4oz of cheese, 4oz of bacon, 2oz of tea, 8oz of sugar, 2oz of butter and 2oz of cooking fat .
The questionnaire asked about 76 food items, plus use of vitamins, certain reduced-fat foods, and cooking fat.
It was a "fat lawsuit" only in the sense that it involved cooking fat.
Typically, the harder a margarine or cooking fat, the more trans fat it includes.
Typically, the harder the margarine or cooking fat, the more trans fat it includes.
When removed from the heat, some cuts were chopped and blended with the cooking fat to produce a moist paste, which could be spread over bread.