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any of numerous vegetable oils used in cooking

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Ladle enough of the cooking fat over the pieces to cover them
According to Thames Water, around 7,000 properties in London and the Thames Valley endure the misery of sewer flooding every year, as a result of cooking fat, wet wipes and sanitary items being dumped down drains.
THE Welsh former boss of L'Oreal has asked a French court to shut down a chip stand near his swanky ski resort flat - because he doesn't like the smell of cooking fat.
FORESTERS are trying to track down dumpers who put wildlife at risk by leaving barrel-loads of cooking fat in a popular beauty spot.
The major food sources of vitamin E were margarine, sunflower oil, butter, cooking fat, soybean oil and mayonnaise; vitamin C came mainly from oranges, kiwi, grapefruit juice, grapefruit, cauliflower, red bell peppers and red cabbage; beta carotene, from carrots, spinach, vegetable soup, endive and tomato; and flavonoids from tea, onions, apples and carrots.
Fast food might be way too salty, but it's far better for food manufacturers and restaurants to reduce salt and unhealthy cooking fat on their own, without government holding a meat cleaver over them.
1,322 Ibs) of white cheese, 300 kilograms (661Ibs) of sugar and six tins of cooking fat.
Unlike today's chip shops, the place didn't reek of cooking fat and we were stuffed and guilt-ridden after our meal.
A TYPICAL week's ration allowance was three pints of milk, one egg, 3-4oz of cheese, 4oz of bacon, 2oz of tea, 8oz of sugar, 2oz of butter and 2oz of cooking fat .
The questionnaire asked about 76 food items, plus use of vitamins, certain reduced-fat foods, and cooking fat.
It was a "fat lawsuit" only in the sense that it involved cooking fat.
Typically, the harder the margarine or cooking fat, the more trans fat it includes.
When removed from the heat, some cuts were chopped and blended with the cooking fat to produce a moist paste, which could be spread over bread.
Thus, it appears that there are numerous advantages of using palm oil a s a cooking fat.
A diet of 20 percent fat, says Byers, would feature large portions of fruits and vegetables, virtually no cooking fat, and only small servings of extremely lean meat.