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a book of recipes and cooking directions

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Although the biggest crop of cookbooks is usually released in the fall/holiday season to capitalize on the gift-giving market, there's a flood of new titles this spring and summer, many designed for leisurely, fun, warm-weather eating.
com offers on-line shoppers the largest and most comprehensive kitchenware assortment on the Internet, and Jessica's Biscuit(R) offers our customers the breadth of cookbooks they've requested," said Tracy Randall, President of Cooking.
Scrumptious dishes, presented with some 'hugot' lines, turned out to be an effective formula for comedienne Pokwang whose cookbook is now up to compete for an international award.
The cookbooks are to be created in the recently updated cookbook creator studio, which now offers a new photo format and an improved design.
Cookbooks also fit in with cultural trends such as the popularity of cooking shows.
Magazine cookbooks are popular,'' says Nancy Wyatt, vice president and editor in chief of Birmingham-based Oxmoor House, ``because each magazine has a position in the market -- and these cookbooks really are the epitome of the philosophy of the magazine -- whatever that is.
Fortunately their was Carol Blakely, a native Texan cook and culinary historian from Dallas whose outrage concerning the lawsuit led her to research hundreds of cookbooks which proved to be of substantial benefit to not only Penfield Books, but any church, school, or civic organization that publishes and sells compilation cookbooks.
Over the years, I have reviewed hundreds of cookbooks, and this one really stands out.
This history reviews American cookbooks from 1796 to the present, examining along the way the influence of political events, social movements and technological change.
This one is all about the food--just 260 pages of tried-and-true recipes from beverages to desserts culled from popular regional cookbooks by two Southern cookbook editors.
Manly Meals and Mom's Home Cooking: Cookbooks and Gender in Modern America.
Editor's note: We have four other cookbooks, including the Antioxidant Cookbook, the Fiber and Bran Better Health Cookbook, the Small Batch Canning & Freezing Cookbook, and the High Lysine and Fiber Cancer Prevention Cookbook.
Surveying a bevy of cookbooks, Patrick McCormick finds something very Catholic and sacramental in the genre.
Look for publishers that produce attractive, quality cookbooks, Fleming suggests.
So, she and her husband, Clfford Lund, sold the whole complex, cut back on speaking engagements, and began concentrating "the heart of our enterprise--my cookbooks and my beloved newsletter," she told NL/NL.