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a stove for cooking (especially a wood- or coal-burning kitchen stove)

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We learned to make toast on a rack on top of the cook stove, or under the broiler of the propane stove.
Several women interviewed, for example, claimed that they could not justify the cost of an ICS, as they already had a functioning traditional cook stove.
A study published last November in British medical journal The Lancet estimated that a decade-long, all-out effort to equip the 90 percent of Indian households that burn biomass with clean-burning cook stoves by 2020 would reduce premature deaths by 17 percent annually, essentially saving 55.
An estimated 826 million Indians depend on simple cook stoves that burn solid fuel, mainly wood or coal.
Or perhaps it was the old iron skillet containing arrow inserts on the back of the cook stove.
The kitchen's cook stove provides warmth in the evenings and on cloudy days.
I have a cook stove with three working burners and an oven that works, too.
The Paradigm Project's Kenya cook stove project results in delivery of the first part of a transaction involving 125,000 tons of carbon offsets to Climate Neutral Group
Our study brings attention to the fact that reducing biomass fuel smoke through improved cook stove programs could potentially decrease the risk of heart disease and stroke in resource-limited settings," Johns Hopkins University pulmonologist William Checkley, MD, PhD, assistant professor of medicine, who co-mentored Painschab with Davila-Roman, said.
Ninety eight additional people, mainly women have also received solar powered lighting or efficient cook stove technology through a rent-to-own sales model that could be replicated in other rural African areas to establish a sustainable, market-based system to meet their energy needs.
The stove has a large firebox, for a wood-burning cook stove.
In India and many other countries around the world, the ritual of preparing meals over a biomass-burning cook stove is long-standing and common--and so is exposure to the resultant particulate matter, carbon monoxide, and other toxic smoke constituents.
In addition to its environmental effects, smoke from cook stove fires is a major cause of respiratory problems, eye infections, and tuberculosis.
Baked artichokes (carciofi) with lemon, garlic and olive oil, pastas, polenta in a copper pot on the wood cook stove sliced and smeared with gorgonzola cheese, minestrones, lentil bakes, salads seasoned with lemon and pepper- always with whole grains and fresh vegetables, five to six cheeses, fresh procuitto (ham), sliced breads, and raw fennel (finnochio) to munch on.