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a narrow strait separating the North Island and South Island in New Zealand

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The weather had also been severe enough to cause the cancellation of ferries plying the Cook Strait, across which we had sailed in near perfect conditions, so there must also have been a second storm north of us which we had completely missed.
From Tongariro we made our way south to Wellington to board a ferry for the spectacular three-hour voyage across the Cook Strait to South island and the start of the second half of our month-long tour of this vast country.
Midway across the Cook Strait, Walker suddenly saw a fin scudding straight at him.
The quake's epicentre was in the Cook Strait that separates the country's North and South islands.
w Zealand's it y on Cook ok " But in New Zealand's capital city on shipping's Cook Strait, Cook played his rival's compliments with a straight bat, saying: "It's nice of him to say that, but I don't agree with him entirely - or at all really.
crew of two will fly to New Zealand February 27 with high hopes to receive the go-ahead to swim the Cook Strait.
Over the past two-and-a-half years Steve swam the English Channel, the North Channel separating Ireland and Scotland, the Straits of Gibraltar, the Catalina Channel, off California, the Cook Strait in New Zealand, Moloka'i Channel in Hawaii and the Tsuguru Strait in Japan.
71[degrees] S on 14 Aug 2008) before it crossed the Tasman Sea again and reached Cook Strait (174.
The course is from Barcelona to Barcelona via three capes: Good Hope, Leeuwin and Horn, and Cook Strait, putting Antarctica to starboard.
Once Maria and Tori have kayaked the Cook Strait between the North and South Island, Maria will be taking part in her favourite sport - adventure racing - in the Speights Coast-to-Coast Race.
The weather was fair, bright sun, and once the large auto and passenger ferry pushed out of Wellington Harbor--all the colorful houses smiling down at us, the facade of an Oceanian Trieste--it churned around the point into thande Cook Strait where we met head-on a strong chill breeze, reminding us of where we found ourselves, along the forty-first parallel, facing south toward Antarctica, where the waters of the South Pacific rushed to embrace and meld with the waters of the Tasman Sea.
WeAAEd both spent considerable time on the more heavily populated North Island over the years, but IAAEd never been south of Cook Strait and heAAEd been there just once, 25 years before.
Hodges' representation of waterspouts in Cook Strait could also account for both "And strait the Sun was fleck's with bars" (line 169) of the seventh verse and the image of vertical water of part four, verse twelve, lines 264-68:
Cook's toponym is ubiquitous all along his route--from Tierra del Fuego's Bahia de Cook to Alaska's Cook Inlet, and including Mount Cook, Cook Strait, Cook Islands, and Cooktown.