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Morning glory is a common name for over 1,000 species of flowering plants in the family Convolvulaceae, whereas Heavenly Blue is the name of a cultivar (the term cultivar means an assemblage of plants selected for a particular character; Brickell et al.
A correlation between lipophilicity and biological activity has been observed with antibacterial Convolvulaceae resin glycosides (Pereda-Miranda et al.
However, comparing this species with other Convolvulaceae weeds, M.
Tropaeolaceae 15 Ipomea nil Convolvulaceae 15 Tulbaghia violacea Amaryllidaceae 23 Antirrhinum majus Plantaginaceae 14 Rosa sp.
Angiosperms (Asteraceae, Convolvulaceae, FabaceaeandPoaceae; other than Brassicaceae).
1 Asteraceae Native Cony--a canadensis Asteraceae Native Erigeron annuus Asteraceae Native Lactuca canadensis Asteraceae Introduced Lactuca serriola Asteraceae Native Pyrrhopappus carolinianus Asteraceae Native Solidago canadensis Asteraceae Native Taraxacum officinale Brassicaceae Introduced Capsella burla pastoris Convolvulaceae Native Calystegia sepium Chenopodiaceae -- Chenopodium sp.
root 61 Zexmenia wedeloides Klatt whole plant 53 Connaraceae Connarus elsae Forero bark 71 Convolvulaceae Iseia luxurians (Moricand) O'Donell whole plant 70 Cyperaceae Scleria melaleuca Rchb.
seed Convolvulaceae Convolvulus Incanus Vahi seed Convolvulaceae Ipomoea cardiophylla Gray seed Cornaceae Aucubajaponica Thunb.
Solanales: Convolvulaceae (Bailey 1994; Peck 2009), while in Mexico it has been collected in Nayarit, Guanajuato and Tabasco (Salas-Araiza et al.
Benghal wandering Jew Convolvulaceae Convolvulus arvensis L.
Except for the position of Convolvulaceae, the differences pertain to families unplaced to order and to the relationships among orders, not to membership to those orders.
Annonaceae, Apocynaceae, Aquifoliaceae, Berberidaceae, Cactaceae, Convolvulaceae, Dioscoreaceae, Euphorbiaceae, Fabaceae, Gentianaceae, Lamiaceae, Linaceae, Loasaceae, Malvaceae, Melianthaceae, Monimiaceae, Nartheciaceae, Oleaceae, Passifloraceae, Plantaginaceae, Polygonaceae, Rubiaceae, Salicaceae and Tetrameristaceae (Table 1).
Ten species represented 5 families (Boraginaceae, Convolvulaceae, Ehretiaceae, Nolanaceae, Polemoniaceae) very close related to Solanaceae within the order Polemoniales (Heywood 1993) were also included.