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With Convo Announce, I feel safe and assured that things will be all right in an emergency.
As a multi-purpose platform, Convo TV also includes a Deaf Ecosystem Directory, a central resource for finding and supporting Deaf-owned businesses in the United States, and an Internal Directory, a convenient way of contacting Deaf or hearing employees through point-to-point calls within a school, business, or organization.
Multinational organizations have selected Convo after putting them through a battery of security tests.
Convo allows creative and innovative teams to easily have the real-time conversations needed to advance a cutting-edge campaign, launch a new product or break the latest news story.
Convo employs multiple data centers to host customer data; all data centers employ physical security, strict access policies and secure vaults and cages.
Convo makes it simple to embed active discussions into shared links, text, or files of any kind including images, presentations, or even a video.
The ConVo is an online interview series featuring insightful and informative one-on-one discussions with today's top corporate communicators.
In addition to the Business Class section, the sponsorship agreement includes airport and airline signage within the Convo, rotating video segments inside and outside the Convocation Center, email and direct mail promotions to faculty, students and alumni, and recognition and advertising during CSU sporting events.
Ask him for a recap of the first quarter, what latte you should try or who's singing the song playing on the stereo--all solid convo starters.
Strike a convo with him before homeroom (compliment him on his new sneaks) or ask what he fuels up on pre-game as you're waiting in the lunch line.
Every good convo needs equal parts eye contact, questions and smiles.
A quick text is fine, but if you're tweeting or having a major convo, you're just asking to be distracted.
B) Grabs you by the elbow and walks you over to him, playing wingwoman during the (fairly awkward) convo.