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a gang of convicts chained together

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Minnesota Giant engines were built by the company using convict labor until the New Giant engine came out in 1903.
If her readers could not witness the punishment themselves, her reporting ensured that convict labor granted a pedagogical lesson in respect for state power and the law.
3) During the past twenty years, more than thirty states have enacted laws permitting the use of convict labor by private enterprises.
35-45, provides that contracts for the manufacture or furnishing of materials, supplies, articles, and equipment in any amount exceeding $10,000 shall include or incorporate by reference the stipulations required by the act pertaining to such matters as minimum wages, maximum hours, child labor, convict labor, and safe and sanitary working conditions.
Convict labor built the post-Civil War infrastructure in the U.
One road built by convict labor was first class, while another road built by a different convict labor camp was disappointing.
Clarke concisely covers nearly four hundred years of racial injustice as evident in slavery, contract labor laws, convict labor, the postemancipation peonage system, and mob violence.
In the early 1890s, Tennessee coal miners took up arms against their employers and the state militia in an effort to end the use of convict labor in the mines.
45) Yet the early experiments with public convict labor were abysmal failures.
Shapiro, The New South Rebellion: The Battle against Convict Labor in the Tennessee Coalfields, 1871-1896 (Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Press 1998)
Articles in the Baton Rouge Advocate and the Boston Globe detail various of Cain's questionable business arrangements, accusing him of receiving kickbacks from prison supply companies, of involvement in companies with whom the prison did business, of attempting to profit from convict labor.
However, it is necessary to note that in this earlier stage of modern Japan, convict labor was used on a large scale, developing metal and coal mines and exploiting the resources in Hokkaido, which the new government had just annexed to its territory.
Support resolutions that insure that a company does not and will not do business with foreign suppliers who manufacture for sale in the United States using forced labor, convict labor, or child labor, or who fail to comply with all applicable laws and standards protecting their employees' wages, benefits, working conditions, freedom of association, and other rights.
The cost of convict labor had almost equaled that of nominally free labor.
The act included a provision that prohibited the use of convict labor in the performance of government contracts larger than $100,000.