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greenling with whitish body marked with black bands

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Heads up: juvenile convict cichlids switch to threat-sensitive foraging tactics based on chemosensory information.
It is believed that the established convict cichlid population at this location originated from released aquarium fish (Hovey and Swift 2012).
The present paper documents the first record of the Asian tapeworm in a wild population of the convict cichlid in the U.
First record of an established population of the convict cichlid (Archocentris nigrofasciatus) in California.
A total of 450 convict cichlids and 70 mosquitofish were used for this study.
Prevalence of infection in convict cichlids was tabulated by fish size (small, medium, large) for 2007 and 2014 separately.
The Asian tapeworm was the only intestinal parasite found in the 450 convict cichlids collected from the discharge channel of a water treatment plant in September 2007 and May 2014.
Different parameters of infection were recorded in convict cichlids in the autumn 2007 and spring 2014 samples; overall values varied among size classes.
Life history of the nonnative convict cichlid Amatitlania nigrofasciata in the Haebaru Reservoir on Okinawa-jima Island, Japan.
6 mm TL) and small (49 mm TL) convict cichlids in two different visited periods (Aug.
Factors affecting mate desertion by males in free-ranging convict cichlids (Cichlasoma nigrofasciatum).
Behaviour and reproductive success of pairs and lone parents in the convict cichlid Heros nigrofasciatus.
Influence of food abundance on competitive aggression in juvenile convict cichlids.
Assessment and fighting in small and large size-matched pairs of adult male convict cichlids.