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Synonyms for conveyer

a person who carries messages or is sent on errands

Synonyms for conveyer

a person who conveys (carries or transmits)


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per chain or 560 pounds total weight at any given time across 12' of conveyor chains.
1 - Financial lease with the delivery of a new longwall conveyor and crusher longwall and device encapsulating the new conveyor tail gate, along with the crusher podscianowa, the spacer device and station footprint conveyor belt for coal mine Bielszowice.
DynaClean vertical conveyors are easier to clean than bucket conveyors
Individual product "zones" were created along the length of the conveyor system, each driven by a 24V brushless motorised roller that in turn chives slave rollers via linking belts.
Typical conveyors have rollers 1 1/4" or larger, a size that is simply too large to be practical as a viable transfer mechanism.
14201, which applies to conveyor systems at all surface metal and nonmetal mines; and 30 CFR [section] 57.
219, conveyors should be guarded to prevent employee access to power transmission and other moving parts.
In the UK, there is no safety legislation specific to boom conveyors, but they do fall under the Provision & Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998.
Now that the conveyors are serving within the harsh scrap metal environment, Cassell is even more impressed.
Products include conveyors, feeders, hoppers, screens, radial stackers, telescoping radial stackers, gates and belt plows.
Conveyor Technologies has introduced an "open side" low-profile conveyor that is said to provide the fastest belt change in the industry--two minutes or less on small to medium-size conveyors.
Conveyors are used to transfer materials from one location to another--often in difficult situations, such as a steep incline or on a difficult jobsite.
1 WHAT: Series of conveyors for small part transfer.
Span Tech says the conveyors generate one-twentieth the amount of noise of a conventional plastic conveyor system.