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a bond that can be converted to other securities under certain conditions

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The latter is consistent with the backdoor-equity hypothesis, which predicts that convertible debt issues by firms expected to issue common equity are better news for shareholders, since they signal management's confidence in the future performance of the issuer.
We have reduced the future interest expense on our convertible debt, as well as our convertible debt levels, in a way which allows us to use our cash to fuel our future growth.
The difference between the cash proceeds associated with the convertible debt and this estimated fair value of the liability component is recorded as an equity component.
Midwest Air Group raised a total of USD25m of convertible debt in an offering in late 2003, all other debt holders have previously converted their holdings to equity.
The proposed regulations generally address the Federal income tax consequences as to the issuance, exercise, lapse and conversion of certain call options, warrants, convertible debt and convertible equity issued by partnerships, not in connection with the performance of services (i.
Diana Willis, a senior project manager at FASB, said, reporting entities have had difficulty dealing with financial instruments that blur the line between debt and equity--for example, a compound instrument like convertible debt, which combines components of both.
Issuing convertible debt - or equity instruments such as preferred stock - as a way to infuse cash into a dot-com may have some risks, especially when the dot-com is publicly traded.
Convertible debt is also more widely used than it is with fundamental deals, leading CFOs to fret about paying off PIPE investors before equity holders during insolvency.
2002-31, the IRS concluded that a convertible debt instrument issued with contingent interest that is neither "remote nor incidental" is subject to the Regs.
Convertible debt continues to be a significant source of capital for U.
A company issues convertible debt that may be converted into a fixed number of common shares.
3 million increase in its common stock and convertible debt repurchase program.
OTC Bulletin Board: INIS) announces the successful completion of a convertible debt offering among various directors, past investors, and major shareholders.
5 million shares (shares that were reserved for conversion of Laurus convertible debt instruments).
The issuance of the Series K convertible debt in the summer of 2006 resulted in an additional charge of approximately $4,791,500.
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