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the quality of being exchangeable (especially the ability to convert a currency into gold or other currencies without restriction)

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Several Havana residents interviewed by this journalist have many doubts about holding on to savings in CUPs because of their uncertainty as to what the fixed parity between the Cuban peso and the convertible currency will be on Day Zero.
a Cato senior fellow, reminds us that liberalism went hand in hand with a convertible currency under the classical gold standard.
It may even have to accept agricultural products from remaining purchasers of its oil like India in lieu of the payments in partially convertible currency as it has been forced to do of late.
The pound would be a fully convertible currency in an independent Scotland and the UK Government couldn't stop us using it.
In my view, there is a stronger signal that China is a key player but also an important partner in the composition of this C* easily convertible currency of the IMF," Lagarde said.
Chinese Yuan (CNH) contracts: Chinese Yuan (CNY) is not a fully convertible currency and therefore, market participants cannot trade the USD/CNY pair on the spot market.
Bahrain has a more liberal economy, it's competitive, value-oriented, has the lowest tax, 100pc ownership in business and real estate and has a freely convertible currency.
Tunisia plans to ease some restrictions on the movement of capital in preparation for a planned switch to a fully convertible currency in 2014.
While China has taken minor measures to slow the increase in its dollar-denominated holdings, it has been unwilling to risk a fully convertible currency for domestic political reasons.
Mayaleh's next big effort is to complete the liberalisation of the current account and move to a fully convertible currency exchange system.
an advantage: it had the only convertible currency, and so could issue domestic currency to pay its import bills.
00 or its equivalent in a convertible currency and an account will be opened for this purpose for deposit of tourists expenses.
China is said not to have a convertible currency and lack transparency in economic system.
The amount to be invested by a foreign investor is at least $500,000 or the equivalent in any freely convertible currency deposited in the Bank of South Sudan," reads the Act.