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factor by which a quantity that is expressed in one set of units must be multiplied in order to convert it into another set of units

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In general, the annual thermal conversion factors presented in Tables A2 through A6 are computed from final annual data or from the best available data and labeled "preliminary.
This study is a deliberate effort to verify this assumption using two of the most common Nigeria rural building (mud houses) designs by comparing conversion factors for indoor external dose in the houses with the corresponding outdoor values.
conversion factors for relating weight to particle and agglomerate numbers and surface area should be standardized.
Unfortunately, implementation of RBRVS included conversion factors to reduce payment for surgical and "overpriced payments" and to compensate for the expected increase in utilization.
Thermal conversion factors for hydrocarbon mixes (Table A1) are weighted averages of the thermal conversion factors for each hydrocarbon included in the mix.
Contains information about typical values and the normal range of important variables, plus many example calculations, data tables, and charts of relevant material properties or constants and conversion factors.
According to the statute, neither the number of relative value units nor the conversion factors for a particular physician service can be valued on the basis of whether or not a physician is a specialist.
You'll also get a list of conversion factors as well as a glossary of terms.
Key concepts such as cheapest-to-deliver bonds, implied repo rates and conversion factors are discussed in detail.
Thermal conversion factors for each type were calculated on a foreign country basis, by determining the average American Petroleum Institute (API) gravity of crude oil imported from each foreign country from Form ERA-60 in 1977 and converting average API gravity to average Btu content by using National Bureau of Standards, Miscellaneous Publication No.
Conversion factors from nitrogen in black liquor to NOx can be less than 15% using modern combustion technology.
The product comes with a table populated for the most common conversions, including EURO conversion factors using the triangulation method and following EEC tolerances, as well as metric and other international numeric conversions.
With the DAQ Channel Wizard, the user simply fills in the blanks to define an input signal, the type of transducer being used, any scaling factors required, CJC values, and unit conversion factors.
1949-1993: EIA adopted the Bureau of Mines thermal conversion factor of 5.