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(medieval Spain and Portugal) a Jew or Moor who professed to convert to Christianity in order to avoid persecution or expulsion

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O objetivo deste artigo e observar a conversa entre tres amigas de longa data: Julia, Livia e Melissa (1), que estudaram e cresceram juntas e que se reuniram no quarto de uma delas apos um almoco para conversar.
Conversa (pronounced "con-ver-say"), Redmond, Wash.
Andrea Electronics will include a newly customized, full function version of Conversa Web on a CD-ROM that will be packaged with all ProVoiceSolutions series headsets.
Chris Shipley, Editor of the Demo conferences, said "I am pleased to have Conversa's innovative product, Conversa Inflection, make it's debut at Demo '99.
Um membro pode tratar um ou outro trecho da conversa como oportunidade para descrever aquela conversa, explica-la, ou caracteriza-la, ou explana-la, ou traduzi-la, ou resumi-la, ou definir sua essencia, ou chamar atencao para sua obediencia as regras, ou comentar seu desrespeito as regras.
Conversa was a call to action through which Scotiabank invited all levels of employees to engage in dialogue and feedback.
The new Conversa is based on a state-of-the-art tablet computer with an integrated 12 diagonal touch screen, with high quality graphics and good battery life, stated Jeff Dahlen, president of Words+.
The Conversa Web Conversation Development Kit carries a suggested retail price of $299.
Conversa lets users complete commands such as: go back (or forward), search the Web, print this page and more.
Conversational Computing Corp has introduced its Conversa Web 2.
Pizarra conversa |Convex blackboard~, 1993), leaving the heart of the work empty.
StrongMail, a leading provider of online marketing solutions for email and social media, today announced that it has acquired Conversa Marketing and Magnetik, two New York-based interactive marketing agencies with services ranging from email and social media marketing to web design and customer relationship management.
The entrepreneur participates in the British-Brazilian Conversa, whose objective is to stablish a regular discussion channel between the two nations.
Por exemplo, a "formula" em linguagem natural "a realidade objetiva dos fatos sociais e o principio fundamental da sociologia" (2) e ouvida por profissionais, de acordo com a ocasiao, como definicao das atividades dos membros da Associacao, seu slogan, sua tarefa, meta, realizacao, motivo de ostentacao, conversa de vendedor, justificativa, descoberta, fenomeno social ou limitacao de pesquisa.
Relationships with Conversa Health, Health&, VisioMed and others across healthcare and pharma validate the use of device-generated data to improve the experience of care, better overall population health and reduce costs