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Synonyms for convergence

Synonyms for convergence

a converging at a common center

the act or fact of coming together

the act or fact of coming near

Synonyms for convergence

the occurrence of two or more things coming together

the approach of an infinite series to a finite limit


Related Words

a representation of common ground between theories or phenomena

the act of converging (coming closer)

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The Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone has moved further north by some 800 km and is now situated over central Angola from west to east.
The Inter-tropical Convergence Zone, having shifted east for about two weeks, is migrating back west and sits over southern Angola.
The Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone, the ITCZ, sits prominently across southern Africa at an east west line more or less on the border between Owambo and Angola, stretching all the way to the east as far as the Mozambican Channel where another dominant low pressure system is developing.
In the center of the voice, data, and video convergence zone, the company has developed patent-pending technology that guarantees real-time, two-way, simultaneous communications and collaboration.
Unfortunately, it also tends to halt the Inter-tropical Convergence Zone, the so-called ITCZ, at the border with Angola leading to copious rains over that country, but relatively drier conditions over Namibia.
Last weeks' presence of moist air across Angola and Zambia and the favourable airflow in some depth which penetrated both our airspace and further southward was also assisted by an active convergence zone which produced the rainfall of the weekend.
The adjacent prospect sees a retreat of the active Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone further northward.
The eastern parts of the sub-continent show a recurrent style representative of the Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone of summer.
The position of the Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone is unclear on our northern border, but the outlooks offer an improving chance for advancing both moist lower level air and some weakening of the upper air grip.