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Synonyms for convention

Synonyms for convention

a formal assemblage of the members of a group

a legally binding arrangement between parties

a formal, usually written settlement between nations

an accepted way of doing something


Synonyms for convention

a large formal assembly

something regarded as a normative example

(diplomacy) an international agreement

orthodoxy as a consequence of being conventional

the act of convening

References in classic literature ?
To preserve and perpetuate it was the great object of the people in forming that convention, and it is also the great object of the plan which the convention has advised them to adopt.
If they erred most in the structure of the Union, this was the work most difficult to be executed; this is the work which has been new modelled by the act of your convention, and it is that act on which you are now to deliberate and to decide.
My breach of convention makes me glad rather than sorry.
But here was a man who sincerely did not mind what people thought of him, and so convention had no hold on him; he was like a wrestler whose body is oiled; you could not get a grip on him; it gave him a freedom which was an outrage.
Equally little does this view explain why for several centuries the collective will is not withdrawn from certain rulers and their heirs, and then suddenly during a period of fifty years is transferred to the Convention, to the Directory, to Napoleon, to Alexander, to Louis XVIII, to Napoleon again, to Charles X, to Louis Philippe, to a Republican government, and to Napoleon III.
the state legislatures or state conventions, as Congress determines.
In time, however, countries began to formalize their consular relations in bilateral contracts called treaties, conventions, or agreements--all of which carry the binding status of a treaty for purposes of international law.
Not only was the system uneconomical, it was impolitic, raising tensions among congregations, within associations, and between state conventions and the SBC.
First, we are in the city of Philadelphia, a locale that has hosted many of our past conventions and is, to many, including myself, the center of freedom in this country.
Inc, the group charged with bringing conventions to the city, said meeting planners all cite a need for newer, better accommodations near the Convention Center.
Today's conventions and trade shows are complex operations, requiring a sophisticated facility to accommodate their programs," he notes.
MANY a teacher who's returned from a convention has been heard to say, "Conventions are all pretty much alike--nothing new this year.
ISRI) and die National Association of Demolition Contractors (NADC) will hold their 2004 annual conventions in the land of 24-hour casinos.
You'll need delegate credentials to represent your Department, Chapter or Auxiliary Unit during the 85th DAV and Auxiliary National Convention in Chicago, Aug.
org) Mtgs: 2006--Annual Convention, Feb 1-4, Denver, CO; 2007--Jan 31-Feb 3, Nashville, TN Membership: 26,000 beef producers Dues: $50 and up