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someone who attends a convention

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In 1962, it got split into an anti-Ayub Council Muslim League and a pro-Ayub Conventionist Muslim League, and by 1970 another splintered group, called Qayyum Muslim League, raised its factious head, this one confined largely to the NWFP and obsessed with a one-point agenda to decimate the NAP (Wali) at the hustings.
To the Campus Conventionist, the mere presence of Pi Kappa Alpha on HU's campus, whether they do anything positive or negative, is a form of "symbolic violence.
Thus, to the Campus Conventionist, the Pikes are engaging in this form of imposition over a social order deemed to be appropriate and sufficient.
The author divides his narrative chronologically into the three generally accepted stages of the revolution--the dictatorship of General Victoriano Huerta, 1913-1914; the civil war between the Constitutionalists and Conventionists, 1914-1917; and the ascension of the Constitutionalists, led by Venustiano Carranza, 1917-1920--and topically into the three categories of "Politics," "War," and "Economic and Social Policy.
While the European Council's President was keen on clearly marking out the position of EU Governments, Mr Giscard d'Estaing, on the other hand, made clear his intention to move beyond the framework of the declaration adopted at the Laeken Summit, which stipulated that the Conventionists were to draft a document containing recommendations in case of a consensus, but also different options, detailing the support they received.