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someone who attends a convention

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Wednesday, his sleek club drew only one extremely drunk conventioneer in an ill-fitting suit who was seen being reprimanded by a burly security guard.
As the 2012 Republican National Convention gets underway, Tampa will be working hard to make conventioneers feel welcome and safe-and good lighting will play a role in that effort.
In the marketing and sales discussion session, all the conventioneers actively participated in it.
These conventioneers are members of a profession prized by tourism officials: They are meeting planners, who can steer thousands of dollars in business to a community.
They might even note the absurdity of the council cheering a Star Wars convention that will be coming into town at the end of the month while council members have been urging conventioneers to boycott L.
A functional link between the hotel and the convention center for conventioneers, sports teams and the like always was the driving reason behind the walkway project - and providing that link now or in the future should remain an option.
He said: "The challenge was to design a building for conventioneers and visitors that is a pleasant place to visit and works better than any conference centre anywhere.
Cirkut cameras, which took panoramic photographs known as "yard-longs," were used to record scenic vistas, epic events and group photos of conventioneers, workers, soldiers and students.
Hear ye, hear ye: Conventioneers, tourists and citizens welcome
Their lobbies are bustling with conventioneers who have just flown in from the frigid temperatures of Detroit, St.
Newsstands, gift shops, a bridal boutique, pubs and restaurants are creating new urban life and a magnet for visitors, conventioneers, employees .
Conventioneers from the rest of the country must have felt varying stages of dismay, shock and finally acceptance: No folks, there is no Wal-Mart in Manhattan.
Combined, the Sheraton hotel and Puerto Rico Convention Center will become the centerpiece of the Puerto Rico Convention District and will enable the island to attract groups with 2,500 to 4,500 conventioneers--and as many as 10,000 conventioneers for a city-wide event.
In both Boston and New York, CERC will try to get conventioneers to use alternative forms of transportation including public transit, divert food waste to compost, offset greenhouse gas emissions and employ "smart" construction methods.