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someone who attends a convention

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About 651 conventioneers were elected which reflects the willingness to provide all conditions of success to this Project that will be based on the principles of democracy and transparency, " he highlighted.
Wednesday, his sleek club drew only one extremely drunk conventioneer in an ill-fitting suit who was seen being reprimanded by a burly security guard.
In the marketing and sales discussion session, all the conventioneers actively participated in it.
He said he was also excited to see Kevin Smith and to share his love of movies, video games and graphic design with other conventioneers.
This year's NBWA trade show was located in three rooms on two floors at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, a set-up that caused some initial confusion as conventioneers wandered between the upper and lower trade show rooms, Despite that, vendors generally gave the trade show a thumbs up.
Its 25 members no longer include some of the former conventioneers and ardent supporters of the Lisbon Treaty.
Teams of conventioneers will set out on a treasure hunt in downtown Eugene on Saturday.
They might even note the absurdity of the council cheering a Star Wars convention that will be coming into town at the end of the month while council members have been urging conventioneers to boycott L.
He said: "The challenge was to design a building for conventioneers and visitors that is a pleasant place to visit and works better than any conference centre anywhere.
Cirkut cameras, which took panoramic photographs known as "yard-longs," were used to record scenic vistas, epic events and group photos of conventioneers, workers, soldiers and students.
Hear ye, hear ye: Conventioneers, tourists and citizens welcome
The Greater Phoenix Convention & Visitors Bureau, a nonprofit organization that markets Phoenix and surrounding communities as a year-round convention and visitor destination, was looking for a way to more quickly get information to potential visitors and conventioneers.
Now that we have the presidential library as bait for conventions that never really gave Arkansas a look, we predict that Little Rock motorists will encounter a lot more nametag-wearing conventioneers all year around.
Their lobbies are bustling with conventioneers who have just flown in from the frigid temperatures of Detroit, St.