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The contracting authority rents regularly external parties for the detection of conventional explosives.
Currently, for example, it is assessing "Iran's stated need or application for the development of exploding bridge wire detonators," which can be used to set off the conventional explosives in a nuclear bomb.
Failing to guard vulnerable sources puts them at a greater risk of being stolen for use as dirty bombs, which are radioactive materials mixed with conventional explosives.
In a so-called "dirty bomb", conventional explosives are used to disperse radiation from any radioactive source, such as from hospitals and factories which are less well protected.
World leaders should be free on Tuesday to discuss securing the world's stocks of nuclear material to prevent a group like Al-Qaeda acquiring a nuclear or so-called 'dirty' bomb of conventional explosives wrapped in radioactive material.
The RAND study found that terrorism remains a real--albeit uncertain--national security threat, with the most likely scenarios involving arson or explosives being used to damage property or conventional explosives or firearms used to kill and injure civilians.
The young lives taken by conventional explosives in the suburbs of Damascus were just as precious as the those killed in the summer when dictator Bashar Assad's forces were accused of unleashing weapons of mass destruction.
It could also be used to make "dirty bombs", which combine radioactive materials with conventional explosives, and cause radiation contamination in areas around the explosion sites.
The sites include the Parchin military base where the IAEA wants to probe claims that scientists conducted tests of conventional explosives that it says would be "strong indicators of possible nuclear weapon development".
In a dirty bomb, conventional explosives are used to disperse radiation from a radioactive source, which can be found in hospitals or other places that are generally not very well protected.
There were no radiological implications as the blaze broke out in a part of the plant which deals with conventional explosives, but residents near by were evacuated.
The IAEA suspects that Iran has conducted live tests of conventional explosives which could be used to detonate a nuclear weapon at Parchin.
The conventional explosives continued to go off for days after the initial blasts were over, and it took the authorities several weeks to secure the site.
Not even all weapons designers are familiar with modern security safeguards, such as conventional explosives within a nuclear weapon that render the weapon useless if precise operating procedures are not followed.
This explosive material is about one-tenth of the cost of an equivalent amount of conventional explosives, like TNT, which results in significant savings.
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