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a percentage of a bill (as at a hotel or restaurant) added in payment for service


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Together with Value Payment Systems, we are able to offer the lowest standard credit card convenience fee ever available for IRS tax payments.
The special convenience fee rate expires April 17, 2007.
As an added benefit, the convenience fee for business tax payments is tax deductible to the full extend permitted by law.
A platform has been created for the business to charge their clients a Convenience Fee for paying online.
30 EUR convenience fee would be charged only to people paying through the online or automated phone system and not to other customers.
A convenience fee of $5 will be added to each installment ($20 total).
Learners will pay a premium, or convenience fee, for the opportunity online distance education programs provide--as long as services are comparable to those provided on-campus students, and the academic programs are of comparable quality.
Finally, third parties are allowed to recover their costs by charging a convenience fee on top of the state-mandated transaction fees.
Euronet has already installed its merchant-fill cashpoints in 80 PO branches in a previous short-term contract with Alliance and Leicester, charging a convenience fee of 1.
Under this option, customers can use up to $25 worth of postage for a flat-rate convenience fee of just $1.
com and 1-855-9-IPAY-MN, lets Minnesota taxpayers pay personal income tax, other taxes and debts to the State of Minnesota with a MasterCard[R], VISA[R] or Discover[R] debit card for a convenience fee of only $3.
1 Schedule A Hosted IVR Solution Part One The City of Arlington Water Utilities is interested in providing customers with a hosted interactive voice response (IVR) system for real-time automated phone access to utility account information in English and Spanish, and to make payments by debit card, credit card and e-check with a convenience fee model.
Institutions can save on bank charges and processing fees by passing on the cost of the system to the users via a convenience fee.