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the transfer of heat through a fluid (liquid or gas) caused by molecular motion

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(meteorology) the vertical movement of heat or other properties by massive motion within the atmosphere

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Effects of mass transfer and free convection currents on the flow past an impulsively started vertical plate, J.
From the present numerical investigation we observed that velocity profiles decrease with the increase of permeability parameter while it increases with the increase of free convection currents.
By releasing water vapor through their leaves, plants create convection currents in the air that draw VOCs down to the soil where microorganisms biodegrade them.
Although Galileo entered through a hole in the clouds, scientists still are confounded that it didn't encounter moisture during descent, because internal heat creates convection currents that should ``bring up the moisture,'' Ingersoll said.
The sleek, stylish model, available in a pearl gray and matte black finish, draws cool air from the floor and returns warmed air to the room through natural convection currents that create a wide, deep comfort zone.
Open fireplaces produce hot air or convection currents which pull heated room air up the flue and out of the house.
The purpose of Geoflow research, led by the Brandenburg University of Technology (BTU) in Cottbus, Germany, is to learn more about convection currents beneath the Earth s surface like magma movement.
There have been numerous theories, from various bacteria entering into symbiotic relationships to convection currents passing through the Earth's crust.
It is obvious that in order to utilize the geo-thermal energy to the maximum, one should have a complete and precise knowledge of the amount of perturbations needed to generate convection currents in geo-thermal fluid.
In reality, enormous convection currents are present both on the solar surface and within the solar interior.
A ventilated cavity behind the external steel skin allows heat to be exhausted by natural convection currents.
Researchers who study the chemistry of lavas, however, argue that the mantle resembles a double boiler, with separate upper and lower layers that each have their own systems of convection currents.
The convection currents circulate the sampled iron along the reactive walls and cause a low-Mg iron to accumulate in the flow-separated region at the base of the probe.
SA intends to lease satellite capacity, total bandwidth suitable for 24/7 broadcasting of these convection currents to power digital transmitters and repeaters network of digital terrestrial television N.
The heat leads to convection currents in the mantle that influence volcanic activity and tectonic plate movements.