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the transfer of heat through a fluid (liquid or gas) caused by molecular motion

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(meteorology) the vertical movement of heat or other properties by massive motion within the atmosphere

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Vents and/or exhaustion systems are istalled on the warehouse roofs aiming to equalize the silo in ternal pressure during the loading/unloaing processes, since providing the aeration air exit makes easier to re move gases originated from the stored grain ecosystem and dislocating the hot air acculated in the warehouse upper part through the convection currents.
With forced-air warming, mean temperatures were significantly elevated over the surgical site, which made one study's authors conclude, "Forced-air warming generates convection current activity in the vicinity of the surgical site.
Their movement is caused as they are jostled from below by powerful convection currents rising and falling beneath the photosphere.
This is how it works: The blanket temperature is slightly warmer on the bottom third of the cylinder thus creating convection currents inside that ensure vaporization and mixing of the gas components.
2](v x E) (too small in value because of the square light speed in the denominator), induced in the laboratory by moving at a speed v charged (or polarized) rigid bodies, so called convection currents.
In his fog-dissipating machine, an acetylene gas and air mixture is ignited and the resulting explosion produces an upwardly moving column of hot air resulting in convection currents which lift the fog.
Hanging some streamers from the ceiling can also highlight convection currents that move up and across the ceiling.
The air becomes very humid and unstable, and this sets up strong convection currents.
TAKHAR, Radiation effects on free convection currents flow past semi-infinite vertical plate, Modelling, Measurement and control, B51 (1993), 31-40.
Think about convection currents off the side of hills," suggested Anthony.
He was the first to propose that slow-moving convection currents in the Earth's mantle caused continental break up, seafloor formation, crustal assimilation and continental drifting.
Cooling is also a problem, despite the extreme cold of the vacuum of space, because there are no convection currents to move heat away from the router.
The environment surrounding the drying coating experiences fluctuations in temperature and in the rate of cooling caused by fluctuations in convection currents in the surrounding air.
The ground heats up, producing convection currents, sucking every drop of moisture from the land and whips the air's molecules into a frenzy of activity, kicking up stinking winds and horrid humidity.
Young geologists will be introduced to major concepts in earth science--such as tectonic plates, shear and pressure waves: and convection currents through this creative and clear text.