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the transfer of heat through a fluid (liquid or gas) caused by molecular motion

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(meteorology) the vertical movement of heat or other properties by massive motion within the atmosphere

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The housing can be constructed in one of three different ways: (1) heat sink with ambient-air convection cooling, (2) heat sink with forced air (electrical fan) cooling, or (3) water jacket cooling [5].
3 VDC output at 85[degrees]C ambient temperature and utilizing only natural convection cooling, all three converters deliver their full-rated output current.
Before being released into the open air, each core cycles through a nitrogen atmosphere convection cooling section that reduces part temperature to 150[degrees]C, shortening the overall length of the line.
The Conduction Cooled Frame Assemblies from APW Electronic Solutions are designed for circuit boards requiring cooling in harsh environments, especially when convection cooling is not possible.
Boards are mounted vertically, allowing for natural convection cooling, which is often assisted by forced air cooling.
Heat gain in summer is hoped not to be a problem, and the walls of the lower part can be opened on hot days to allow convection cooling.
And, they continue to rely on electric heating and convection cooling.
They provide 300 W with convection cooling or 425 W with forced air.
3CFM forced air cooling or 150 watts with convection cooling.
Contract notice: Food distribution system is in contact heat method with convection cooling.
They require only convection cooling and do not require a fan or heat sink while operating from -40[degrees]C to +85[degrees]C.
A max velocity of 532 m/min with air convection cooling.
Most high-powered electronic devices are cooled by forced convection airflow, but occasionally there is a need for natural convection cooling.