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Synonyms for sanatorium



Synonyms for sanatorium

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Liverpool Convalescent Home was very successful and grew in popularity.
Since the written ministerial statement on November 29, 2013, a further NHS investigation has been commissioned in relation to Woodhouse Eaves Children's Convalescent Home in Leicester," he con-firmed.
A staircase at Pool Park DAILY POST SAYS Page 8 The crumbling state of Pool Park former mental hospital and convalescent home in Clawddnewydd, near Ruthin: plans are in the pipeline to bring the building back to life as a 38-bedroom nursing home, with more than 60 apartments and homes in the grounds
Mr Richard said the charity was working tirelessly to find another suitable location for a convalescent home and treatment facility.
I see the smiles we bring these kids in the hospital and the lonely seniors in convalescent homes.
The Paignton convalescent home is very popular with our older members and there's always demand for trips and outings during their stay.
This introduction concisely encapsulated the terms that have dominated Hofer's practice since the late 1970s: The public interiors that were presented, from the forlorn dayroom of a German convalescent home to the concrete-encased escalators of Zurich's Stadelhofen train station, were all entirely devoid of people, and were shot in a thoroughly idiosyncratic range of styles that included vast panoramas and claustrophobic corner views, sharply delineated feasts for the eye and hazily focused near snapshots.
A nurse has admitted to killing at least 9 people at a convalescent home in Lucerne.
Four weeks in a convalescent home, the Werk vowed, enabled mothers to "handle even more difficult challenges and gain the courage to improve the family situation of their husbands and children on their own.
The convalescent home represents another antecedent of the nursing home as we know it today.
The donation will be used for relief for the victims of the Clara Barton Convalescent Home disaster.
A bomb ends the festivities at midnight, and Harry seeks the owner of the jeweled shoe through the streets and Underground stations, only to be reconciled with his true love in a convalescent home.
Kathy Hely's healing hands proved too much for bosses at the convalescent home in Auchterarder, Perthshire.