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Synonyms for sanatorium



Synonyms for sanatorium

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Celia Truran, nee Haddaway, pictured relaxing in the gardens of the Ropner Convalescence home in May 1945
Patients who have been stabilised at hospitals will be transferred to the convalescence home, she said, adding that the centre will provide each patient with specialists and they will be sent home only after they recover.
Last night a force insider said: "He was representing the force at a meeting of the Northern Police Convalescence Home in Harrogate when it happened.
He is accused of stealing four prints on May 21 from the Northern Police Convalescence Home.
A pounds 12m rehabilitation centre for blind veterans was unveiled yesterday at a converted convalescence home for shale miners.
Downton becomes a convalescence home for the wounded, sick and infirm, with scenes at the stately home featuring many of the amputee actors.
WHEN I was about 11 years old I was in a convalescence home in Dinsdale and an old gentleman who was also staying in the home used to take me for walks up around the RAF base at Middleton St George.
It was given to the city by Lord Iliffe in 1937 and has since been used as a convalescence home, an orthopaedic hospital and a centre for leisure with the parkland being turned into a park and golf course.
The new series sees Downton Abbey become a convalescence home for the sick, wounded and infirm.
Towards the end of the First World War it was taken over as a convalescence home and then bought by Sir Lawrence Phillips as a home for Welsh paraplegic pensioners.
WHEN I was a child, I went to a convalescence home in Southport.
PC Baynes, who said during his court case that seeing the couple lying on the pavement after the crash had left him "numb", received support at a police convalescence home.
I WOULD like to contact Margaret Wallace (Meg), whom I worked with at the former Co- op Convalescence Home in Granton, Edinburgh, in the late 1960s and later at Shoreditch College, Egham, Surrey.
Towards the end of World War I it was taken over as a convalescence home and then bought by Sir Lawrence Phillips as a home for Welsh paraplegic pensioners.
Also its Ropner Convalescence Home site, in Middleton St George, near Darlington - now an attractive building brought back to life by it's apartments scheme.