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It was the Swans first home match since the controversal departures of manager Colin Addison and his assistant Peter Nicholas and Jonathan Coates had a chance to give them the lead only after four minutes.
The exact analysis of the morpheme shi is controversal.
Approval of the controversal about-turn was given at the club's annual meeting when the 68 members present gave their agreement.
Ferguson made his controversal remarks in his programme notes for United's 1-0 win over Leeds at Old Trafford.
If over-confedence on the government's part continues to be translated into unilateral, and deeply controversal, political initiatives, that will, in turn, generate fierce resistance from the ANC-SACP COSATU tripartile alliance including strikes, street protests and, ultimately, a boycott of negotiations with all the attendant problems subh a rise in tension will bring.
There must be no controversal graffitti on any car, a half roll cage is advisable, but not essential at this early stage.