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Controllers include single-loop, multiloop and total machine units for blow molding, injection molding and extrusion.
Continuous muller operations are maintained by allowing the controller to add water continuously at a rate that keeps the upper limit set point relay from being de-energized for an extended time period.
The company's products are used in mobile devices, information appliances, networked industrial controllers and automotive products.
Supplies autotuning temperature and pressure controls with digital interface, plus temperature sensors, solid-state relays, process controllers, and monitoring and networking software.
In fact, this architecture forces the enterprise to decide, a priori, which blade server(s) to connect to which controller pair(s), and how many (and of what size and speed) disk drives to place behind each controller pair.
Model AN2402 1/8-DIN panel-mounted temperature controller has front-panel selectable setup, calibration, and operation.
Primary controller transfers the data into the primary cache
In a modular RAID server there are five components that these high availability mechanisms apply to: the disks themselves, the controllers, the cache, the packaging (power supplies and fans), and the back-end disk buses.
Controllers are complemented by a full range of solid-state contactors and scr power controllers for industrial heating applications.
For the drive controllers and AFE, reducing the chip count through further integration of the controller IC with' the analog front end.
LAS VEGAS -- Power Efficiency Corporation (OTCBB: PEFF), a developer and manufacturer of advanced energy savings technologies for electric motors, announced today that its Performance Controller, a motor controller that provides energy savings along with a soft-start capability, was recently the subject of a report by MPR Associates Inc.
Turnkey systems include controllers, computers, high-level software, and infrared sensors.
The SDM host is connected to both the primary and remote secondary controllers via ESCON or channel extenders through common carrier facilities.
There is a significant need for companies that are currently looking for an interim solution to their IBM 3174 and 2074 Controllers that they can depend on," stated Ralph Armstrong, Vice President of Product Management of Bus-Tech, Inc.
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