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inflammation of the female pelvic organs (especially the Fallopian tubes) caused by infection by any of several microorganisms (chiefly gonococci and chlamydia)

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The primitive descriptions of preferences, technology and information that satisfy the assumptions of linear control theory are acknowledged inevitably as the philosophy of recursive competitive equilibria.
Fractional Order Calculus in Control Theory, In: Proceedings of the 13th WSEAS International Conference on Automatic Control, Modelling & Simulation, Lanzarote, Spain, pp.
As far as automatic control theory is concerned we can tell in advance that the recent automatic control theory and the measurement instrument theory have no direct application to quantum mechanics: all applications of quantum mechanics can be measured only by classical measurement instruments.
Our main goal is to extend and apply the results found in the literature on nonessential functions of mathematical static optimization programming [6,7] to functionals of optimal control theory.
McLellan in the area of nonlinear control theory and process control.
Blaise Trettis, an assistant public defender for the 18th Circuit, appeared to oppose commentary included in one recomendation that says judges need education in the power and control theory to make the best decisions in domestic violence cases.
Do mathematical equations using control theory carry the punch to combat diseases?
Realization theory of different classes of operator-valued (matrix) functions as transfer operator-valued functions of linear time-invariant systems plays an important and essential role in modern operator theory, system theory, control theory, electrical engineering, interpolation problems, and scattering theory.
By combining improved techniques in knowledge-based systems, modern control theory, and neural networks, it is possible for a computer to operate or reliably monitor portions of a nuclear plant with a high degree of safety, although some human oversight will remain necessary.
William Glasser is the originator of the control theory of psychology.
Social control theory focuses on the sociological forces that can prevent people from participating in deviant behavior.
Perceptual control theory (Powers, 1973, 1978) formulates a psychological (perceptual) control system as a model for behavior.
Although there have been court challenges to rent control in the past, "this is the first time a combination of the economic anti-rent control theory and empirical data will be used," says James Burling, the PLF's director of property rights.
Reinventing yourself: A control theory approach to becoming the person you want to be.
This book is ideal for graduate students in control, networking and robotics, as well as researchers in the fields of control theory and networking who are interested in learning and applying distributed control algorithms or frequency-domain analysis methods.