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a steel or aluminum rod that can be moved up or down to control the rate of the nuclear reaction

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A reactor has more than 50 control rods that are designed to drop into nuclear fuel in case of a power failure or other problems, preventing a meltdown of the reactor.
Soon after the reactor was powered down, the plant's managers discovered that a number of the control rods had failed to drop into the proper position to slow or stop the nuclear reaction.
To stop the nuclear reaction, control rods (3) are inserted into the reactor.
Two articulated control rods run down the left handlebar.
It is necessary to have control rods that respond autonomously to local conditions to prevent local overheating and there is an optimum area over which a control rod can exercise its influence.
Incidents, including power failures, spilled radioactive material and dropped reactor control rods, were branded a "disgrace".
Nitruvid was founded in 1985 and has patented a number of plasma assisted nitriding processes especially for stainless steel applications, one technique being a process which dramatically enhances the life expectancy of control rods used in nuclear reactors.
Boeing's long-running problems with the 737 rudder, thought to have been finally settled six years ago with the redesign of the power control units (PCU), have resurfaced with the discovery of fractures in the input control rods to the units, and a subsequent call for wide-ranging corrective action by the US Federal Aviation Administration.
The primary servos, the control rods and the swashplate are all connected.
They enable control of thermal output from the reactor by precisely inserting the control rods into the reactor core during regular operation.
These errors range from minor (the control rods in Fermi's CP-1 reactor were made of cadmium, which absorbs neutrons, not of graphite, which slows them down) to fundamental conceptual errors (U-235 does not decay during a chain reaction, it fissions).
The metaphor is apt, mostly because you don't really need control rods unless you're also in the business of creating nuclear reactions.
From the summer of 1915 to the fall of 1918--think how many aviation accidents there were just because of reliability of the machines or reliability of the engines or struts or wires or tires or control rods, push rods, hinges, and so for him to survive from the summer of 1915 until 1918 in these early machines is a tribute to his skill and to his mechanics' ability because it's widely known in the Lafayette Escadrille that his airplane was the most expertly maintained.
This AD requires inspection of the small jam nut on the elevator tab control rods to detect inspection putty and to determine its condition; a torque check of the small and large jam nuts on the tab control rod, if necessary; and corrective actions as applicable.