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a system for controlling the operation of another system

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In order to ensure autonomy and invariance of control loop we start from a closed loop transfer matrix [G.
One of them is control loop with the model of controlled system which is called Smith predictor.
In a control loop, oscillations may arise for various reasons including poorly tuned controllers, presence of oscillatory disturbances and non-linearities.
With this agreement, PAS continues to demonstrate its leadership in the areas of alarm management and control loop performance management solutions," said Eddie Habibi, president and CEO of PAS.
The actual water flow is checked through a flow meter feedback and a control loop.
The 8032 sensor/switch series is designed to switch a valve, relay or pump, and establish an on/off control loop.
The growing area of performance assessment provides a means of diagnosing control loop performance using time series and digital signal processing techniques.
This allows modification of the controller set points and control loop gains and other constants without needing to modify or compile software.
With this tool it is possible to take over the control loop of the DCS during a DCS migration, so that this loop can easily be migrated without affecting the production or causing downtime.
The XR761xx family is designed to achieve excellent transient response and output accuracy using Exar's proprietary emulated current mode Constant On-Time (COT) control loop.
Two power control peripherals on high pin-count versions of its RX63T 100MHz 32bit microcontrollers has been brought out by the Renesas, including a high-speed PWM generator and a adaptive hardware control loop.
Though there are no formal prerequisites, he says that a basic understanding of the distillation unit operation and process control loop concepts would be helpful.
In these cases there are not larger member of independent SISO (single-variable) control loop.
PlantTriage continually monitors and performs 60 assessments of performance for every control loop in the plant; the message distills those 60 assessments into one text message or diagnostic.
Working with Embridge and IDEAS, a Canadian engineering company, specifications were written for commissioning the first 14-inch valve and checking out its control loop at the La Belleza Station.