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ASCII characters to indicate carriage return or tab or backspace

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Hughes said the work also shows that the RNA control code may be easier to interpret than a similar control code in DNA.
The officials also informed that in 2000, the Clinton administration had deployed a group of scientists to help Pakistan scientists to develop an unbreakable command and control code for its nuke arsenal.
In the process, readers will learn how Rails helps control code complexity with the model-view-controller architecture, abstraction layers, and code refactoring.
Additionally, Conexant customers can turn to Tata Elxsi for expertise in control code and porting new algorithms on open digital signal processor (DSP) platforms.
This is usually required every six months, with an L8 certificate - referring to the HSE legionella control code of practice--issued by the cleaning contractor on completion of the work.
Other topics include operational semantics for real-time processes with action refinement, verification of an off-line checker for priority queues, control code obfuscation by abstract interpretation, an open source and XML-based platform for rigorous software development, and a synchronous process calculus for service costs.
The technology was originally developed to handle coding of control code for spacecraft swarms, but it is broadly applicable to any commercial application where rule-based systems development is used.
Tenders are invited for tools and measuring instruments, control and Testing, other control code 016: 2010- 26.
Manufacturers who apply as Technology Partners will enjoy the following benefits: access to our complete control code database, equipment testing and direct advertising to IPRC Installers.
They allow complete systems to be implemented in software using interface, DSP and control code.
Because of the C64x-based products' ultra low power consumption and cost effectiveness, customers are interested in running traditional DSP MAC/PHY and codec algorithms as well as classic RISC control code and protocols on our DSPs.
Integrating two XCores[TM], each containing a 32-bit processor, the XS1-G2, which is code-compatible with the XS1-G4 device, provides 800MIPs and allows complete systems to be implemented in software using interface, DSP and control code.
NASDAQ: MCHP), a leading provider of microcontroller and analog semiconductors, today announced that embedded designers can now combine digital signal processing and MCU control code with the 32-bit PIC32 microcontroller family, using its no-cost, royalty-free High Performance DSP Library.