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Elders of the area Akbar Khan, Haji Raees Khan, Ijaz Khan, Wilayat Mama, Gul Nawaz and others appreciated the initiative taken by Malaria Control Program of distributing mosquito nets among the people to prevent them from the malaria disease.
Patients who participated in the glycemic control program were more than twice as likely to have well-controlled blood sugar after surgery.
The USAID TB Control Program covers a wide range of technical areas, including managing TB patients in line with international standards, strengthening the health system's human and institutional capacity, improving interagency coordination and cooperation, and increasing the use of electronic databases.
Implementation of an infection control program at Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population (MOPH) facilities resulted in improvements in infection control practices among health-care workers and a decrease in the annual incidence of HCV infection among dialysis patients (from 28% to 6%).
BOISE, Idaho -- Customers of Albertsons LLC can gain access to community-based diabetes prevention and control programs through a collaboration the retailer has formed with the Diabetes Prevention and Control Alliance (DPCA).
With these additions, the CSO Control Program has created 62 miles of new sanitary sewer lines and 39 miles of new water main lines.
At the end of the race, the National AIDS Control Program awarded its winners.
The Iowa Asthma Control Program is a good example of the power that partnerships can play in curbing asthma's burden--a message Garbe hopes readers take to heart.
Annual testing and certification for image processors following the Department of Environmental Resource Management (DERM) Silver Control program, is due in Miami-DERM offices by January 31, 2008.
For renewed success, Singapore needs to return to a vector control program that is based on carefully collected entomologic and epidemiologic data.
AR 750-59 establishes Army policy and procedures for implementing and managing an effective corrosion prevention and control program for all Army systems, equipment, and components.
We'll be able to pass our experience to them and them to us, and hopefully we'll be able to do better research and have a better control program.
An auditor who failed to comply with the firm's quality control program faced possible termination.
A master control program, written in Visual Basic, was developed to establish the timing and event sequencing, move the samples and initiate measurements.