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The USAID TB Control Program will be implemented in close collaboration with the Republican Specialized Scientific Research Medical Center of Phthisiology and Pulmonology, Republican DOTS Center, Institute of Health and Medical Statistic, and Women's Committee of Uzbekistan.
Ubaid Hussain, the Project Director, TB Control Program.
In conjunction with the separation of the combined sewers, the CSO Control Program collaborates with businesses including the Lansing Board of Water and Light, Consumers Energy, AT&T and Comcast to integrate underground construction planning and execution.
According to the manager of the National AIDS Control Program, Abdulhameed Al-Suhaibi, the cycling race aimed to spread awareness among youth to stop and stand up against AIDS.
Continuing work to analyze asthma's racial and ethnic disparities and developing culturally competent interventions are among the many future directions that the National Asthma Control Program will embark on, according to the booklet.
We have identified several factors that may have contributed to this resurgence: lowered herd immunity, increasing virus transmission outside the home, more clinically overt infection as a consequence of adult infection, and a shift in the surveillance emphasis of the vector control program.
In March 2003 the board approved a predator control program for the McGrath area incorporating several important changes from the previous plan (BOG 2003a).
Even though such reviews were an integral part of the internal quality control programs of audit firms for years, they weren't very effective in preventing audit failures.
To overcome these restrictions, the visual basic master control program was programmed to look for these pop-up windows, provide the necessary input and then use these windows as indicators of the status of the measurement procedure.
Background: The foundry regularly runs Baume tests on the coatings at each work station as a coating control program.
The two-day course is intended for companies or individuals who wish to help clients design and implement an ESD control program based on ANSI/ESD $20.
The 1997 United Nations Drug Control Program report described the result: ".
A control program that includes the broadcast applications of baits on infested lawns is a sound policy.
Overall, reliability and accuracy of laser sensors have greatly increased and provide added benefits that can yield millions of dollars in savings over a long term quality control program.
The Federal requirement that "the facility must establish an infection control program under which it.