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electrical device consisting of a flat insulated surface that contains switches and dials and meters for controlling other electrical devices

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Firan Technology Group Corporation (TSX: FTG) said that the cockpit control panel assemblies being developed for Shanghai Avionics Corporation (SAVIC) have received airworthiness tags from the Civil Aviation Administration of China.
Control panels are very important and easy tools to manage Dedicated Servers or any specific account.
The wellhead control panels form part of a comprehensive control and monitoring package supplied by Weatherford Production Optimisation's UK operation in Great Yarmouth.
iLight, part of provider of architectural, entertainment and energy management lighting controls Cooper Controls, announced on 18 August the availability of its latest lighting control panel range.
And because all the components snap together into one compact unit--a smaller footprint than ever before, Watlow says--there is much less wiring between the control panel and the processing machine.
Schlage VIP locks offer the ability to upgrade locks for proximity and magnetic stripe compatibility using existing access control panels and software.
Control panels utilize UL approved components and are wired in accordance to UL guidelines for control panels.
Control panels and replacement parts are also featured in the brochure.
Also in the scope of supply was a new 100 litre slurry vessel, slurry transfer pump and pipework, an operator platform to access all, seven vessels, and control panels and refurbishment of the existing slurry.
Leo Sakata Electronics will assemble printed circuit control panels used in microwave ovens and other electronic appliances, while Earnway will produce plastic items such as food containers and telephone casings.
William Pagano, Chief Executive Officer of Colonial, commented, "Universal specializes in the design, customization and sale of energy conservation control systems and control panels.
Tenders are invited for installation of scada/telemetry control including 2 radio polling master sites, 2 radio repeater tank sites, 3 ground storage water tank sites, 2 well sites, 1 water booster station site, 4 lift station sites with new control panels, 3 lift stations where control panels are to be modified, and 5 lift station sites with new control panels equipped with enclosed motor starters.
8220;In the spirit of continually revolutionizing our business model, Quantum Design is riding the wave of ecommerce acceptance in the B2B world by launching the Control Panels Direct website, which will offer various control panel configurations as well as spare parts.
The company has supplied over 20 refrigeration control panels to the meat preparation areas and two 2000 x 1200 x 400mm pak/condenser control panels.
The Onyx Series includes fire alarm control panels and peripherals such as detectors, power supplies, and audio transponders.