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This is especially appealing to organizations that need to communicate regularly with lots of customers," said Dave Folsom, vice president of Enterprise Internet Solutions at Control Data.
As a Baltimore TrustedWorld partner, Control Data will incorporate Baltimore's Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology and advanced cryptographic toolkits into its security offering and will proactively pursue joint business opportunities in France and Benelux.
Additionally, Control Data will continue to have an interest in the future success of Metaphase through the SDRC warrants it receives as part of the transaction.
The Iowa Communications Network (ICN), a statewide, state-administered fiber optic network has employed Control Data to link 13 different e-mail systems used by state agencies.
Syntegra's CEO Bill Halbert said: "The acquisition of Control Data Systems was a key milestone in the evolution of Syntegra.
Haydock, a former IBM Global Services and Control Data executive, as its president and chief executive officer.
This along with the reputation Metaphase and Control Data Systems have established in the marketplace continues to reinforce my belief that Metaphase/Control Data is and will continue to be the leading PDM and consulting capability in the world," said Ousley.
Further information on the Global Buying Service can be obtained through Control Data and on the Global Buying web site at http://www.
There's a growing need for virus protection that can be implemented at the enterprise level," explained Dave Folsom, vice president, Electronic Commerce Solutions for Control Data.
This kind of security patchwork creates a unique management challenge and Control Data has the expertise and experience to make it work.
EXCA) today announced a licensing agreement by which Control Data will
With the announcement, Control Data joins leading directory providers such as IBM, Novell and Oracle in a collective effort to speed the development and deployment of open directory applications that can operate across different computing environments.
The repurchase program authorizes the company to make purchases of Control Data common stock from time to time in the open market or through privately negotiated transactions.
Directories are the critical policy repository for distributed security technologies," said Robert Booker, vice president of security solutions at Control Data.
Surely, the aspirations for this book, written by former Control Data Corp.