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a member of the guerrilla force that opposed a left-wing government in Nicaragua

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This was sharply impressed upon us when he went about under the Contra Costa Hills and passed us on the other tack fully one hundred feet dead to windward.
It was nip and tuck across to the Contra Costa Hills, neither of us seeming to gain or to lose.
Once more, on these Contra Costa hills, he early came to grief.
Hermann, recovering, put it to me appealingly that I knew very well how unsafe it was to contra dict that fellow.
They may not be combined with either the pros or the contras to the proposal of a RevGov, without being tainted by political partisanship.
As urban centers turned to polka, ragtime, the Charleston, Swing, and other newer dancing pleasures, isolated areas in New England still danced the old set, including contras, squares, and circle dances.
O apoio financeiro, logistico e militar oferecido pelos Estados Unidos aos contras, na Nicaragua e em El Salvador, nos anos 80, e exemplo classico da politica de seguranca externa propugnada pela Doutrina Reagan.
It also sponsors two weekend-long camps each year - the Cascade Contras Dance Camp in April at Sky Camp near Fall Creek and the Midsummer Madness Dance and Music Camp in July at Camp White Branch on the Old McKenzie Highway in the Oregon Cascades.
The United States bribed and bullied Honduras to host the Contras, who were fighting the Sandinistas in Nicaragua.
Poindexter also was one of the few Reagan officials who, according to the available evidence, knew that proceeds from the arguably illicit arms sales to Iran were diverted to the Nicaraguan contras.
Then he convinced himself that the contras had evolved into a genuinely popular movement, and endorsed them outright.
Morris, who won a Pulitzer Prize for a Theodore Roosevelt biography, comes to no firm conclusion about Reagan's role in the diversion of money to the Nicaraguan Contras from illicit missile sales to Iran.
Drawing on what must be gigantic stacks of government memos, trial transcripts, and depositions, Walsh accuses Reagan of authorizing arms shipments to Iran in exchange for hostages (thus violating the Arms Export Control Act) and allowing the proceeds from the arms sales to fund the Nicaraguan Contras, or "freedom fighters," in violation of the Boland Amendment.
For more than a decade, a San Francisco Bay Area drug ring sold tons of cocaine to two Los Angeles street gangs and funneled millions in drug profits to the CIA-sponsored Contras, the San Jose Mercury News reported in a three-part series that began Aug.
Over time, according to the Washington Office on Latin America, Alvarez began using the contras in his own "private" security force, dubbed Battalion 3-16.