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make a treatment inadvisable

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The following contraindications relate to LASIK and LASEK only unless stated (see Table 2):
As part of the action, manufacturers must submit a premarket notification (also called a "510(k)") to the FDA, and obtain FDA clearance, prior to marketing these devices, which until now were exempt from premarket review, Manufacturers also will now have to show that their products meet certain performance testing requirements and address certain product design characteristics, and will have to include certain warnings and contraindications on sunlamp products and in certain marketing materials for sunlamp products and UV lamps that present consumers with clear information on the risks of use.
The nurses then assessed the women's eligibility using a checklist of the same contraindications, and measured their blood pressure.
In the absence of contraindications all patients should be prescribed a statin with the dose adjusted to achieve an low density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL) concentration < 100 mg/dL and at least a 30% reduction from baseline.
HRT is safe if you don't have any contraindications.
Providers who preferred an open abdominal approach were significantly more likely than those using MIS to cite minimal descent, narrow introitus, and a uterus more than 12 weeks in size as perceived contraindications to a vaginal hysterectomy, she said.
concerning," the authors noted, was the fact that 21% of older migraine patients with cardiac contraindications at the time of the study had received a triptan prescription.
Among patients aged 18-49 years with such a cardiovascular contraindication, 24% received a triptan prescription.
Batistaki et al recently reported a patient with another contraindication to succinylcholine, pseudocholinesterase deficiency, where rocuronium (0.
Terra labor management and outcomes in treated HIV-infected women without contraindications to vaginal delivery and matched controls.
One in four nurses in the UK administers drugs to patients without knowing the possible contraindications and side effects, a survey by British nursing journal Nursing Times has revealed.
There are ocular contraindications to hyperbaric oxygen therapy.
It calculates chemotherapy dosages for the clinic, as well as safeguard against potential overdoses and alerts physicians throughout the practice to potential contraindications.
Contraindications include current, past or suspected breast cancer, known or suspected estrogen-dependent malignant tumours, previous idiopathic or current venous thromboembolism, known coronary heart disease, and porphyria cutanea tarda (absolute contraindication).