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Thus P is a contractive projection, and [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] is an projection orthonormal sequence.
2] be two contractive mappings with contraction factors [c.
Table 1: The correspondence between Nord's text functions and soft news functions Nord's translation-oriented Soft news functions text functions Referential Informative Appellative Entertaining/Persuasive Expressive Persuasive Phatic Table 3: Total numbers of dialogically contractive and expansive engagement resources in the main body part Source Target texts texts Dialogic 145 277 contraction Dialogic 151 115 expansion Table 4: Total numbers of engagement resources in the main body part Engagement Source Target texts texts Dislogic Disclaim 1.
To prove the convergence we thus have to prove that the updating mapping is contractive.
This means that J is a contractive mapping with a Lipschitz constant L < 1.
The contractive effect of 36_U is additive to the serotonin effect at the indicated concentrations used.
And the foreign manufacturers' contractive strategy in China's mobile phone market brings more space for domestic manufacturers.
This not only leads to sources of error and potential interferences between the involved companies, but also, as technical opportunities are missing, to a contractive information policy among the supply chain members.
17) "The final dialogistically contractive option is supplied by meanings by which some prior utterance or some alternative position is invoked so as to be directly rejected, replaced or held to be unsustainable.
Longitudinal strains were contractive, indicating the presence of tensile stress, whereas transverse strains were extensive, indicating the existence of compressive stress.
Grouping these business decisions into four categories--reactive, proactive, contractive and supractive--helps delineate a decision maker's position on the consciousness continuum.
First, every change in the exchange rate has two effects--expansive for some, contractive for others.
The main features of IFS models are their simplicity and mathematical soundness: An IFS consists of a set of contractive affine transformations, which express a unique image (the attractor) in terms of selfsimilarities in a simple geometric way.
However, generally the SBI trade has been contractive despite declining interest rate.
So that when I find Berger taking exception, in that essay of mine, to, as he puts it, my "assigning guilt a merely ancillary function as a contractive term helping to define the peculiar quality of shame" (xiii), I think to myself, now there is an issue worth engaging.