muscle contraction

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(physiology) a shortening or tensing of a part or organ (especially of a muscle or muscle fiber)

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Phosphorus is mediated mainly in SMCs by PiT1, which causes VSMCs to lose expression of the SM contractile proteins a-SMA and SM22 and instead express the bone markers Runx2, osteocalcin, and ALP, thereby causing vascular calcification.
Here is increased availability of cross bridges for generating force of muscle contraction by somatomedins mediated increase in actin- and myosin-like contractile protein formation.
potential, membrane potential; influencing the contractile proteins and
Although both supplements were similar in energy and nitrogen content, the group that received CM demonstrated greater gains in 1 RM strength, lean body mass, fiber cross sectional area, and contractile protein content.
Because of the coexpression of contractile proteins (smooth muscle actin and desmin) and melanocytic markers (HMB-45, and Melan-A or MART-1), LAM cells are suggested to be of perivascular epithelioid cell origin.
Effect of chronic excess of tumour necrosis factor-alpha on contractile proteins in rat skeletal muscle.
Recent data show that most of the early strength loss results from a failure of excitation-contraction coupling processes and that a slow loss of contractile proteins in the days following injury prolongs the time of recovery (Warren et al.
Contractile proteins in chemical signal transduction in plant microspores.
Their structural role includes both the contractile proteins of the muscles and the fibrous proteins in connective tissue, skin, nails, and hair.
The copresence of animal protein from meat, fish or poultry (the 'MFP' factor) enhances absorption due to the presence of peptides that arise from digestion of the contractile proteins, actin and myosin.
Careful consideration should also be given to post-translational glycosylation and function, for example, enzymatic activity, pathogenesis related-proteins, and contractile proteins (protein families).
Moreover they suggest that, in investigations where dynamic changes in the orientation of GFP-linked motor or contractile proteins are being followed, the use of polarized light might well increase the sensitivity of the observations.
Functional implications of the Biochemical and structural properties of Cytoplasmic contractile proteins.
2-4] With their interconnected endoplasmic reticular structure and the presence of numerous contractile proteins (e.