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contract between employer and employee

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Where the business has to be unexpectedly closed due to the weather the general rule is that if an employee is ready, willing and able to work they are entitled to be paid in accordance with their contract of employment.
A contract of employment is a legally enforceable agreement, either oral or written, between an employer and employee that defines terms and conditions to which both parties have agreed and must adhere.
Dos and don'ts for drawing up a contract of employment
In addition to any duty of confidentiality your employer may include what are often described as restrictive covenants, or restraint of trade clauses in your contract of employment.
As reported in the Sunday Mercury last month, most employees do not have a statutory right to take the extra day off as paid leave, but their contract of employment should include arrangements for some time off.
In addition, while CVS's attendance policy was found to have created a contract of employment, the jury found that CVS did not breach that contract or the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing.
Employers also should warn all supervisors that their statements can be construed to imply a contract of employment and direct them to avoid such comments in employment interviews and other situations.
Jet Aviation), Judge Nicholas Politan ruled: "If the plaintiff seeks to rely on provisions in the employee handbook as the course of an implied contract of employment, then he must accept that agreement as a whole.
1) The Contractor in the implementation of the contract must employ under a contract of employment a person mentioned in section 8, paragraph.
Any contractual notice rights would normally be included in an employee's written contract of employment.
The purpose of this letter is to let you know that it is accordingly intended that your contract of employment will transfer to Otium, which is the immediate parent company of CCH.
It may seem incredibly obvious but resigning from any job needs thought and careful planning because once a resignation has been submitted it cannot be withdrawn unless the employer agrees to a retraction or the contract of employment allows it.
I WOULD urge all employees in staff positions to check their contract of employment for full understanding of their entitlements.
A letter to staff from management representative Tony Pitcher said: "In line with your contract of employment and via this letter providing 24 hours' notice, you will be officially laid off from work until further notice.