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Large scale employment of contract labor, much in contravention of the law, is a point in this direction.
Katherine Coman, writing immediately after the end of the contract labor system, noted that the apprenticeship portion of the Act--which allows minors to bind themselves to masters--closely resembled that of Massachusetts, (49) and more recent scholars have accepted her view that the language was borrowed from that state's statute.
Now more than ever, organizations are looking for ways to utilize their contract labor workforce.
American Hospital Directory published its first contract labor study in August 2004 using data through 2002.
The research report shows that companies with a high level of collaboration between procurement and human resources for the management of contract labor have 115 percent higher cost savings rate than companies with little or no collaboration.
Howell provides a case study showing how Norton Healthcare of Louisville, Kentucky used an innovative approach for dramatically reducing their contract labor expense.
As enterprises continue to spend millions of dollars annually on contract labor and professional services and show no signs of slowing, it is critical that they leverage technology and services to gain visibility into the management of their procurement programs for spend in these complex categories, according to this report by the Aberdeen Group.
EDS is pleased to provide WWT with a unique, managed program for sourcing, negotiating, procuring, and managing contract labor resources," said Pete Quigney, president of EDS Procurement Services.
They also provide equipment to customers that use fixed price quotes and contract labor.
Our vision is that the Internet is the best means for our customers and their contract labor suppliers to realize cost savings and operating efficiencies.
OnTrac provides full contract labor services to telecommunications companies.
Under the terms of a two-year contract, with options for two additional years, with Westinghouse Power Generation Business Unit, CDI Corporation will manage all contract labor usage at the unit's facilities in Orlando, Winston-Salem, Charlotte, Pittsburgh and Hamilton, Ontario.
the pioneer in vendor neutral Human Capital Management Solutions, today announced that United Technologies Corporation (NYSE: UTX) has awarded it a contract to facilitate the deployment of a vendor management solution for contract labor and project services spend at its businesses.
The union also argues that contract labor not only threatens good jobs for the communities served by GTE, it erodes the quality of service to the customer.
Industry-leading contingent workforce management solution aids Delphi Corporate streamline the acquisition of contract labor