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a murder carried out on agreement with a hired killer

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Anis Ibrahim is known to be involved in narcotics trafficking, extortion, contract killings, and money laundering on behalf of D Company.
While Mumbai's underworld transformed itself post- liberalisation and began financing construction and films, it seems to have passed on the practice of contract killings to the national capital.
He was actively involved in extortion, smuggling, kidnapping and contract killing, a police official revealed.
a kidnapping of a high-profile businessman every month, a high rate of contract killings .
More than 500 candidates yesterday vied for 50 St Petersburg Legislative Assembly seats in an election preceded by contract killings, beatings of candidates and dirty tricks by campaigners.
They also discussed the contract killings with the former UCLA star; Henley agreed to pay $100,000 for each death.
THE brazen murder of BSP leader Deepak Bhardwaj has brought contract killings back into spotlight in the Capital.
Targeted violence; a statistical and tactical analysis of assassinations, contract killings, and kidnappings.
Western intelligence agencies have claimed he has been involved in weapons trading, contract killings, drug-trafficking and money-laundering.
Chaika said the murder was set up by a Chechen native who led a Moscow-organised crime ring that specialised in contract killings.
A MILLIONAIRE businesswoman was jailed for eight years yesterday for trying to arrange the contract killings of her former lover and his new wife.
A millionaire businesswoman will spend eight years behind bars for attempting to arrange the contract killings of her former lover and his new wife.
Mr MacKenney was jailed in 1980 at the Old Bailey after being implicated in a series of contract killings.
In its extreme, it leads to grand-scale larceny and contract killings.
Your investigation last week into contract killings and violence made very disturbing reading.