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a murder carried out on agreement with a hired killer

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Her replies didn't convince the cops and eventually, after being quizzed thoroughly, she gave in and admitted to having hired the contract killers to murder her son.
ASSASSINS: Ireland's Contract Killers continues on TV3 on Wednesday evenings from 9pm
Patna: A teenager in Bihar has sought the death penalty for his mother after she was accused of hiring a contract killer to kill her husband, officials said on Monday.
Police succeeded to nab wife of deceased and two contract killers who were paid to kill Mohammad Arshad.
Kumar hatched the conspiracy along with his new friend Pasha and asked him to hire contract killers," police sources said.
The researchers hope that their findings will help police investigate contract killers and prevent such crimes from happening in the future.
While the age of hitmen ranged from 15 to 63, the average age of a British contract killer was 38, while the average age of their victim was 36.
The case was revealed to have elements of contract killers, extramarital affairs, and involvement in political organizations.
The police said they believed Marvizi had hired two police officers and some other people as contract killers to murder the 11 people over the last two years.
Summary: Two contract killers face jail at the end of a Au9 million prosecution which helped change the law on anonymity.
In this latest volume of reminiscences he gives readers a potpourri of snapshots, stories based on his various assignments: Iraq and Saddam's trial and execution; Zimbabwe and Mugabe; the often unreported crime wave that is sweeping over South Africa; assorted film and television actors and actresses; and several 'thoroughly dubious people' including Mugabe, Alastair Campbell, an extortioner, Bushmen, Serbian contract killers, a 'child sorcerer in the Congo', and Chinese tombraiders for good measure.
Manoj Kumar, 36 was allegedly murdered by contract killers, who were hired from India, in Sharjah last Monday.
It could focus on homicides linked with organised crime, especially contract killers.
TWO contract killers who gunned down a criminal linked to the pounds 26million Brinks-Mat robbery were jailed for life yesterday.
The Old Bailey heard that contract killers John O'Flynn and Terence Conaghan shot him at the premises of the Signed, Sealed and Delivered firm in Bermondsey, as he went to his green Rover to collect his morning paper after unlocking the yard gates.