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a murder carried out on agreement with a hired killer

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For example, Hit Man discusses client solicitation by the contract killer, and Perry did solicit clients.
The alarmingly small cost for a life has been identified by researchers at Birmingham City Universty who have produced a study into contract killers.
The suspects included contract killers, gangsters, and extortionists and some of them were the members of political parties.
He said that often murders would be organised in the UK before a contract killer was hired from Jamaica to carry out a shooting.
We should also realize that for every Einstein there is a Lepke Buchalter or a Mickey Cohen, that a disproportionate number of gangsters, bootleggers, contract killers and bookmakers were Jewish.
On February 6, this year, labourer Ram Iqbal Bind was killed by two contract killers, being aided by Rajesh Singh, a civil contractor.
Retired blackops agent Bruce Willis assembles a squad to flush out hi-tech contract killers.
Terming the Maoists as coward contract killers, who lay mines after dark, she again urged the people of the three districts which make up Junglemahal to join the main stream of life and help the government in the development.
It is believed that Shiva had hired the contract killers to kill Jethwa.
A key was delivered by a woman to two alleged contract killers from South Africa days before they got into the home of a Birmingham private detective and bludgeoned him to death, the city's crown court was told.
JAILED contract killers shocked by the murder of television presenter Jill Dando (left) have called police to scotch theories that she was the victim of an underworld hit, it emerged today.
Yesterday, intelligence agents at the National Crime Squad began checks on more than 20 known contract killers to try to match one of them with the Dando murderer.
The Patna police on Sunday took into custody Ashok Kumar, recently appointed rural development officer ( RDO), for hiring two contract killers to eliminate Prasad, his friend of seven years.
Speaking during a function here, Malik said that terror groups like the LeJ and the SSP are working like contract killers and are being assisted both financially and strategically by the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and Al-Qaeda.
Detectives in the Costa del Sol now think the crimelords behind the hit hired contract killers - possibly from Eastern Europe - to carry out the shooting.